Thursday, May 29, 2008

The verdict

Well, the verdict's in.

I have blocked tubes on both sides - that's probably why that HSG was so painful!

This doctor says that the sperm morphology is not a problem "we can work with what we have here".........em, okay :)

But the tubes have to be unblocked. Clearly they got that way since the last laparoscopy in 2004 because on my file notes then, everything is still clear.

So he wants to do yet ANOTHER laparoscopy and I'm due to have it done this month. However, they are contracted out of the medical aids which means you pay upfront and claim back later and then the medical aid company will only pay a portion back to you. These guys charge double what my other gynae charged (just in consultation fees) so I'm sure the surgery fees are going to be just as exorbitant.

I have delegated to my husband to check into it with the medical aid to find out how much they will actually pay before I go ahead and book anything.

So that's the latest state of affairs.


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