Friday, December 01, 2017

Cheers from this upholder!

This space hasn't been sparking joy for me for a long time.

We all know that nobody reads normal blogs any more and if I'm sharing, I feel like I want others to share too otherwise I'm speaking into the ether (kind of like how I've always hated Twitter). And I still really like my time investment to be worthwhile.

But for some reason, possibly my Upholder-ness, I felt like I needed to continue since I started blogging 11 years ago. This is post 2420. Way too much talking.

However, here's the great thing.

Since I read the Four Tendencies, I realised that this is an Upholder thing - this continuing with a self-imposed goal even when it no longer makes sense.

And interestingly, that was all the awareness I needed to stop doing many things in my life.

One of which is blogging here. I briefly entertained the idea of ending this year first but why have another random date in the future.

I'll be sharing life (mini-blogs!) on my personal Instagram so those on Instagram can connect with me there @marcia0608 or on my OrganisingQueen feed.

And of course, I'm still blogging over at OrganisingQueen if you are interested in living life more intentionally, goals, organising and so on.

The nice thing is that the friendship containers that exist outside of the blog are still there so now I get to connect with friends in real life/ on the phone when we want, which actually sounds quite.... perfect.


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