Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still, a good weekend

Yesterday we had lunch with v. good friends of ours - we've known each other for 11 years. In fact, we were their pastors (Deanna, remind me to talk about the pastoring thing some time :)) back in the day.

Anyway, we got V in so things would be easier.

My friend is such a giver and ALWAYS brings food even if they're coming to us. At first I used to get cross (in a joking way) but then I realised this is just who she is, and these days (with the babies) it's just very helpful.

I did salad, rolls and dessert and she brought a delicious pasta dish. Yum. I've put some away for lunch :)

So we had a lovely time - they were amazed at how big the babies are now (in just a few months).

When they left, we did baths (V did their supper and then left) and put them to bed and then I went straight to our bedroom and read for about 3 and a half hours, non-stop.

Both the reading and the book were fantastic - 4 stars :) I finished "the brightest star in the sky" by Marian Keyes.

It was heavenly to read for such a huge chunk of time and I really must do that more often.

Today of course I got that email but then we went to church which was surprisingly good (heard and received about 80%)... we've decided that we'll take them to children's church next week. Eek!

And guess what? this afternoon two minor miracles happened - the children napped and I got my crafty self on.

Those empty formula cans have been piling up (I can't bring myself to throw away perfectly good and barely-used cans) so I googled "how to repurpose formula cans", found some ideas and I've been at it.

Again, I'm lazy to take pics and download but D says they look cute :)

The good thing about doing 6 tins is that my "technique" (I use that word VERY loosely) was refined as I worked and I even now have "templates". Hahahaha

My desk is strewn with card, paper, a pair of scissors, two types of glue, a ruler and two types of ribbons.

If I ever run out of things to say, I may even do a tutorial. Okay, that's a joke :) Clearly I am tired and need to go sleep.

I'm trying to read the 5 love languages today and tomorrow night to make my 5 books per month :)

Where are you on the crafty scale? I'm a 2 or 3.

I am heartbroken

As is my custom, this morning when the kids went down for their nap, I quickly made breakfast and came to check my email.

I had an email from a very close friend of mine in the US. We've been friends for 5 years now and we chat about 48 out of 52 weeks a year as she's my accountability partner and a fellow coach.

Her son's been murdered.


I'm (sadly) kind of used to these senseless acts of violence happening in my country but not in the US.

Obviously she didn't say much but just wanted me to know.

I sat STUNNED and then TEARY and then PARALYSED.

What do you say?

How do you even answer an email like that?

I'm sure everything I said on email and FB sounded trite.

He was only 18 and another 18-year-old is suspected.

I googled it to read up and then regreted doing so. I can't stop thinking of how he died and how his body was discovered in the snow.

Just terrible.

I honestly can't imagine what my friend is going through. I've offered her my ear (when she's ready - she said she's not ready to talk yet), help with her business - blogging, clients, etc, anything???? but nothing will really help, I know that.

They're a very close family - how you dream a family will be, always doing things together, even though they're teenagers.

I've been giving my son extra cuddles, hugs and kisses the whole day, every time with tears in my eyes.

If you pray, please pray for them.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What's on your mind?


So I like the idea of clearing your mind on a Friday of all the little snippets. It's so satisfying like eating the last biscuit and throwing out the package (just for you, Mandy) :)

Here goes:

  1. I see that a lot of the home and decorating blogs look the same - same shape headers, same colour scheme... mostly (grey, yellow and turquoise is very popular), same type of background. What's with that?
  2. I'm thinking about doing a blurb book of my blog. Has anyone done this? How long did it take you to do on blurb? Will I have the patience??? Or maybe I should just do one with our travels?
  3. I am in love with coriander. I cut some up in my salad tonight and ..............YUM! What's your favourite fresh herb?
  4. The PT took my measurements today - I've lost a total of 6 cm all over my body - 1 around the b**bs (not needed), 2.5 on my thighs, 2 on my waist and I think 0.5 on my calves. I had a headache when I got there but that cheered me right up.
  5. D says to me earlier, "I'm so jealous of people whose kids don't have weight issues" I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my salad.
  6. I spoke to about 20 brokers today, one on one on the telephone. Gosh, it's been years since I did that and it was actually quite fun. I'm working on a project that is now at the stage I like - lots of action and deadlines.
  7. I've booked my leave for the end of April (about 10 days) for our annual anniversary trip and have no idea where to go. I want to drive, stay in a self-catering place and it should not be too far from Jhb. Any ideas? A beach would be nice but it's the start of winter here so maybe elsewhere is better...
What's on your mind this evening?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy Love book club

Hi all

Crazy Love starts on 1 March.

Get all the details here.

People in on the Crazy Love so far:

Rachie Pachie
Mandy P?

From now onwards I'll be posting about the book on the Crazy Love blog :)

Blogging and commenting

Two people have engaged with me in the last couple of days about blogging and commenting (do I comment everywhere I read, how many comment back, etc.) and as a business colleague always says, "if two people are asking, then more are wondering" :)

So I thought I'd share the information here too.

The stats

I read TONS of blogs. When I went to check, I counted 106. That was not the entire picture because there are a couple of private ones I read too, and some business blogs that come to my email. So probably 110 (after decluttering 6) in total.

I was horrified when I checked my settings because my comfort number is around the 40 mark.

I regularly go through my blogs to take out the ones that no longer interest or inspire me. If I find I keep "marking all as read" then at some point when I have some time, I remove them from my GR.

But let's go back to those 106 in my Google Reader, as they were before decluttering.

Of those 106, only 33 have commented on this or the organising blog at one or other time, sometimes only once, but I have a good memory (mostly!) so I remember.

Of those 33, I'd say 20 - 25% comment very regularly, that is about 5 - 7 times a week. And that's where I spend most of my time commenting back.

More on commenting

There are also some business blogs I comment on regularly as my goal for this year was to consciously comment on blogs in my niche using my organising blog to track back on. Some of you may be interested to know that I only budget 15 minutes per WEEK for this type of commenting.

I also comment quite regularly on some other blogs even if they don't comment here or follow me. Actually there's a lot who don't follow me but I enjoy them just the same, for whatever reason.

There are some people who comment here and do blog, but I don't read their blogs regularly (in other words, they're not yet in my Google Reader) but I do check in every week or so to see how things are going, and of course, then I comment.

There are also people who comment here who don't have blogs.

The blogs I read are made up of infertility blogs, mommy blogs (I'll admit that I enjoy reading more about the mommy than the baby), home decor, tons of photography blogs, organising blogs, business & productivity, etc.

Here is a pic.

I guess the bottom line is this -

My reading interests are varied but my connections are probably more with people in similar circumstances and that's where I comment most.

Do you comment on every blog you read? Or what %?

What are some of the categories in your Google Reader? Even if you don't have actual categories, what else do you read besides mommy blogs? :)

P.S. If you're interested in some of the categories, please feel free to ask in the comments. I'll happily share some of my favourites.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two scales and two knocks

Apparently that scale was right.

Sara (PT) weighed me again today (I insisted because I wanted to know how bad it was going - my clothes don't feel much looser) and........... down 2.1 kg from 4 Feb (19 days).

I am over the moon.

I need to keep this up because the end is in sight.

I started personal training on 21 January and just over a month in, I'm 0.9 away from my pre-preg weight (I've lost a grand total of 4 kg so far) but 2.9 away from the weight I actually want to be.

(X 2.2 for pounds)

Things are looking up.


In other news, Connor fell on his head TWICE today.

Once this morning because he was jumping on the bed and lost his balance. This blurry pic (they just don't ever stop moving) was taken after fall number 1 (see cheek and top of head).

And then again, this evening, I told him, "no! no jumping on the bed". Well, he listened to that but I forget you have to be really literal.

He then jumped on the ottoman and off he went again.

This one was worse because he scraped that same side of his face even worse. The entire right side of his face is red and scraped. Looks terrible.

So far he seems alright but straight afterwards, I don't think he stopped screaming for 2 full minutes.

That's verrrrry long for me - I don't do well with screaming.

D asked me when he got home, "are YOU okay?" :)

I am now but was shaken at the time.

On the bright side, the last time this happened (two knocks on the head) also within 24 hours and then we had nothing for about 4 months.

New rules - they are again banned from my bedroom, this time for their own safety.

And now I have 3 blogs to write for the organising blog - I love batch blogging; it's so time efficient :)

What are you doing on this gorgeous rainy night?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's bib, not beeb

Now here's where the talking gets tricky.

Kendra could say bib and tortoise ages ago (about 4 - 5 months ago) and has pronounced it like we do. Well, "tor-tor" is what they say.

Nanny V says "beeb" not "bib" and "tor-toys" instead of "tor-tis" so now the kids are pronouncing the words like that too.

Not surprising since they spend a gazillion hours every weekday with her.

It was funny in the beginning but not so much any more.

We'd fix the pronunciation over the weekend and then on Monday, Kendra would be all "beeb" "beeb" again.

I must add that Kendra is very correct. I don't know where she gets this. Maybe from V?

Before she starts eating, her tray must be wiped (!) and she must have on her "beeb" :) (okay, couldn't resist).

If by chance, I dare to start feeding her without her bib, she goes frantic, "Mummy! Daddy! Bib!"

Will she figure all the words out eventually or have a weird mixed accent one day?

Has anyone else had this experience?

P.S. D went to a parenting talk on twin discipline tonight (we split up and I'll go to the Love Languages one in March - remember, no evening babysitters.) and announces when he gets home, "those munchkins won't know what hit them tomorrow morning. things are going to be a lot different around here". I laughed and laughed. As you know he is the softy :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's good to be back

pics taken at The Westcliff - Oct 2010 -
I LOVE the shutters and the little balconies!!!

I totally forgot to mention that my friend, Nat, had her 2nd baby boy on Friday. VBAC. She is a rock star! Baby 1 is only 19 months old (my kids are 17 days older) - imagine that!


This morning I woke up hardly able to talk.

I said, "K... Kendra" - she was scratching through my bag - and realised, oh no, this doesn't look good.

The voice returned but my nose has not stopped pouring the whole day.

Good thing I had lots of work on deadline so I was forced to be still and work today. My bin with tons of tissues is evidence.

I had to cancel my session with Sara (personal trainer) and moved it to Wed. I pre-paid my sessions so am not wasting money!

I did all that because I had my first talk tonight for my ministry group at church and I didn't want to jeopardise it.

The last time I was involved in ministry was just before my first IVF, in about June-July 2008, so 2.5 years. Feels like forever.

I believe God's gifted me to inspire and encourage others so this is my service to the church. I'm doing a monthly talk on organising (a different aspect every month) and then we will keep in contact through the month with small (tiny) weekly challenges.

My MIL kindly told me that I might not have a good turnout as there was a conflicting meeting tonight.

She was right but I believe that the people who were meant to be there, would be there.

They were and we were 10 in total.

A lovely size group actually (I like 8 and up).

I was all sniffly and sneezy right up until the talk and then when I was walking to the parking lot, it started again.

I hadn't even noticed but all the sniffles and sneezes totally stopped during the 1.5 hours. Amazing, right? I love it when God engineers things like that.

The group itself was varied - men and women - with all sorts of challenges. I even have a perfectionist to confessed to having loads of laundry everywhere because she's the only one who can iron properly :)

D always says I'm on a high afterwards so I decided to quickly write this blog and send a few emails even though I'd purposely planned to do nothing else tonight.

How was your Monday?

P.S. I'm off to take my beloved Degoran now, my fail-safe solution to colds and flu. What is your tried and trusted solution?

Hormones and birth control

New post here


When I went to fill my prescription for my last set of birth control patches, the pharmacist told me that was the last of my "repeats".

I then emailed the gynae's receptionist (I love when people have email!) a few weeks later and asked for a new script.

They emailed it back to me a few days later because he wasn't available/ rushing/ had emergencies and so I still haven't taken it to the pharmacy.

I justified it like this - it's a good chance to give my body a break :)

So I don't know if this is in my mind or not but I seem to be sweating more now, without being on the patch. I haven't changed my deo or soaps, or anything. I googled but there is nothing on this side-effect...

However, they do say that there is increased weight gain and low s*x drive!

Hmmm, interesting.

I really would prefer to be on nothing but I do need to be on some form of birth control to control the endometriosis. Now that I'm not trying to have a baby, I really don't care to have an operation every 1 - 2 years like I had in the past.

I might just ask him to put me back on Yaz... I know I was thinner then. And so what if I'm a crazy woman 3 days a month, right? :)

What has been your best form of bc without too many side-effects?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making life just a little bit pretty

So those of you who were reading last year remember the offer we put in on a house which didn't work out.

We then started painting and fixing things, as you do, and suddenly I realised that we should live in a nice house all the time, not just when we want to sell.

So we started painting and doing things around the house, just for us.

The strange thing is... because we looked around a bit, I suddenly love my house much more than before :)

I also love my really low bond balance and I shared before, this bond will be paid off this year.

How? I don't know but I'm not letting the details worry me.

Anyway, back to the pretty.

I am HUGELY affected by my environment which is why I keep raving about the gorgeous view outside my office window - when I am inspired and the environment is good, I'm happier and more productive.

And so, I love what a fresh coat of paint does for my soul.

Almost everything in this house has received a new coat of paint over the last year and I've just decided that my whole open-plan entrance hall/ lounge/ sunroom area is going grey.

If you did that thing with your mouth, trust me, it's going to be gorgeous - I saw a lovely grey on a blog. I'm too lazy to look it up and link to it but I have a mental image stored. (Am I the only one who makes mental notes and stores mental images?)

Small touches around the house that are currently done include:
  • getting the canvases printed
  • putting pictures in the gazillion frames I keep buying
  • buying and displaying 3 of those wooden word things (from Home Etc) - family, friends, dream
  • getting free prints on the internet printed in colour, framed and up on my walls

All this stuff is a mindset shift for me. I'm usually about the quick and easy but I decided that I need to honour my goals and dreams, and my workspace.

I usually type out my monthly goals on a template I designed and stick them up on my wall in front of my desk with a piece of prestik so I am focussed the entire month.

For Feb, I printed in A4, reduced the size to 51% and put it in a beautiful and happy photo frame right on my desk.

Still in my face but just prettier. It literally took about 2 minutes to copy and cut, and put in the frame.

Of course, my love affair with Etsy helps my new prettier mindset very easily.

I'm trying not to spend too much but unfortunately I don't have the crafty/ repurpose and make pretty gene so have to pay for pretty.

I'll take some pics one of these days and post them but tonight I had to prepare a talk that I'm giving tomorrow (can't wait!) so no time.

Do you have regular plans to pretty your environment, or do you generally live pretty? Or don't you really care? And if you have a favourite blog that inspires you, please share in the comments.

P.S. Today is my beautiful friend, Suzanne's birthday. Suzanne is a blog friend from Arizona (now a real friend) who met up with D & me in Scotland. It was as fantastic as it sounds - ice-cold and beautiful with a good friend - what more can you ask for? Anyway, Suzanne used to joke (I think?) and call herself the Goddess of All Things Beautiful so this post is inspired by her!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So what do you call your husband/ wife?

I worked for a woman once who sat right next to my desk so I overheard most of her personal conversations.

In those days I worked so hard (I honestly have never worked as hard as I did then - I was definitely overworked and underpaid) that I couldn't even take a quick tea break to avoid all that.

Anyway, she used to say, "hello, Dad" and I'd think how nice.

But when this Dad business carried on and on, I eventually twigged that this was her husband, and not her father.

That's when I vowed never to call D, "Dad".

I call D "D" - it's funny because a lot of my friends do too, and yet no-one else does, except for his sister and our very good friends in London. And Baby (not as often now because of the babies), and D___ when he's not paying attention.

The thing I most call the babies is Pumpkin. It's quite funny when I say, "eat your peas, Pumpkin" or similar things. D laughs at me.

I call K "Baby" and C "Little Guy" other than their names, again a lot of the time when they're not listening (see the pattern???)

So what do you call your husband/ wife? And what do you call your baby(ies)?

Friday, February 18, 2011

MIL & other Friday updates

I am definitely not 2kg lighter - there is something wrong with that scale :)

Thanks for all the support on the new blog.

And, sadly, the great romance is not to be. I heard yesterday that he knows who it is and is not into her. Poor girl.


Okay, so remember this post about how little time my MIL spends with the babies?

Well, I've always said the comments are GOLD - if you don't read the comments, you really should :)

What I like to do is subscribe to the comments of posts I'm interested in on blogs I read and blogger conveniently sends them to me by email. Because I almost never go back on a blog to check what other people have to say.

Anyway, a dear reader emailed me rather than posting in the comments because she had such a lot to say. Rachel often does this and I love emailing back and forth with her - she is very wise and totally not cared about what people think which I always love.

I asked her if I could share and she was okay with it. I have removed personal bits about her family. The V is broken on her keyboard :)

Read this:

just read the question about the MIL. Some things to consider, she might not be a "toddler person" just like you are not an "infant person".

Also, just from experience, L (Rachel's baby) is totally NOT a people person. T's parents see her weekly or more at church, and ha^e interacted with her since birth - yet she still cries if either of them pick her up, will hide her face, or stare at them stoicly. When we go to their house, it sometimes takes an hour for her to "warm up", less time if they come here.

On the other hand, she sees my dad (who li^es next door) almost daily, and still often gi^es him the "cold shoulder" for 10 minutes or so before warming up. Based on the e^ents at Preschool (and other things you ha^e said) - I would guess Connor may not gi^e granma much more than a passing glance (e^entually, he will grow out of it - somewhere between 2 1/2 and 4 - as he remembers e^ents after they happen, so that each encounter is built on the one before rather than seeming like a brand new experience for him each time) and that's not totally great for a Gramma ego.

On the other hand, Kendra appears to be more of a social butterfly. If Gramma is not into toddlers, her constant chatter and attention may seem like hours after only 30 minutes. This doesn't mean that she doesn't want to see them ... it just means she feels exhausted because she isn't in rhythm with them. E^entually, they will get to know each other and she will make her ^isits longer, and if she doesn't, she may be trying to force herself into a mould of what she expects a "granma to be" rather than being herself.

How many kids did she raise? How "hands on" of a mom was she? She may not know how to beha^e because of how strict you are with them ... as in, it's not the way she thinks, so for her it's like being in the ocean to swim, when she's use to being in a backyard pool. E^en a good swimmer from a pool, will find themsel^es tired after being in the ocean for a short while. ... and on the other hand, If you are use to the ocean ... a backyard pool may seem boring and tame.

(Think about her personality ... and allow her to be herself. And remember, she raised the guy you lo^e ... she must of done something right. Right?)

I love, love, love this email because it challenged me to be more open-minded.

My MIL raised two kids WITH a lot of help even though she was SAHM. She is not a very hands-on person at the best of times and prefers to read rather than do anything else.

I do know she was a little miffed when Connor wouldn't kiss her at Christmas............ even after I told her he won't kiss us either (now he's Mr Kissy himself... slightly worrying).

She is definitely an I so I'm sure the kids' constant talking would drain her.

Speaking of I's, my friend, Nat, is constantly amazed at how much my kids talk and she said, "it's probably because you talk so much to them. D and I can play for hours without talking" LOL - I love it :)

I don't think our strictness is a deterrent as she likes to know exactly when to do what - I was told to leave detailed notes for her and she texts me if she's unsure :)

The best thing Rachel said was this - Think about her personality ... and allow her to be herself.


Thank you, Rachel, for being honest and for challenging me. I appreciate you.

There were TONS of comments from people with similar stories on my original post - does Rachel's email help you too?

P.S. Blackhuff, can you somehow attach your email to your comments? I can't reply back to you but I so appreciate hearing from you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A sliver of hope

Hope is such a wonderful thing - it can perk you up when things feel blah and dull.

Yesterday I went into the pause area we share with two other departments on this floor and this one lady, who is known for her tactlessness, rubbed her tummy, looked at me with eyes raised and said meaningfully, "how ARE you?"

I was very insulted and said, "no, A, I'm not pregnant" and off I stormed.

(it is funny now I think about it but at the time I was miffed)

Then my lovely friend, Natalie, came to have a coffee with me (why do we say "coffee" when we actually drank water? Lest you think we're saints, we had carrot cake and a muffin) and she told me that I was looking lovely (thinner) and lots of other nice things.

So I cheered up a bit.

But then, last night after my Zumba class at the gym, I went to weigh myself on those machines that take your BP and body fat too.

This is my weekly ritual so that I have a record of my weight progress.

And............ the scale read 59.8.

It must have been a mistake as that is 2 kg less than I actually weigh.

So I jumped off and got on again.

Still 59.8.

I still think that scale was faulty but it was a lovely little glimmer of hope to keep pressing on toward my health and fitness goals.

Also, my calves are already looking better and my arms are slightly less flabby!

What do you need to feel hopeful about today? Share in the comments.

P.S. I'm going to be in a real print book on motherhood (who would have thought?!) that will come out in May. I wrote my piece last night, D is editing it and I will submit tonight.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Courage

my word of the year - wearing it for the first time today

I LOVE this print! Love it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The most unsatisfying social ever

I just had a friend over for coffee (well, actually we had tea) and pancakes (have I told you I make good pancakes?).

It was very unsatisfying and I just figured out why - we spoke about her the entire time.

Oh, except for right at the beginning when I let her in because I told her the kids had just gone to sleep and told her a little bit of the drama.

Okay, I'll tell you too.

D usually arrives at 6 or just thereafter but these days because the babies are so cute, he's been leaving on time and getting home about 5 minutes before 6.

The babies are now used to it and will not sleep til he is home and they have played.

Today he went to get nappies on the way home and didn't get home til 6:30.

I'd just gone back in to quieten them again as they were jumping around like crazy people when we all heard the gate.

K pops up, saying, "Daddy?" and C starts wailing, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" as if I'm keeping him prisoner.

I hauled him out of his cot (I can't stand the screaming, remember?) and took him to D who was just coming through the door.

Tears streaming down his face, he leapt into D's very full arms.

So they played for another 15 mins with Daddy and then went to sleep.... 45 minutes later than actual bed time.

Anyway, don't you hate that?

I just hate when conversations are one-sided. In fact, it's one of my pet peeves.

I asked D when he got home from gym, "am I really the most boring person ever?" He says no :)

Then, still talking about connecting...

Last week I read The Most Fantastic Blog Post Ever (I won't link because I commented under my whole, full name) about social media.

Julia, I will send it to you though :)

The one thing that stood out to me was this - the reason some of us squander time on Facebook/ Twitter/ blogs (for me, it's blogs) is because something is happening in our real lives .

We may be avoiding something. We may be feeling insecure and need validation from others.

And then, this one was for me...we may be trying to find connection because we're not connecting with others enough during the day.

That bit jumped out at me and bit me on the bum.

That is exactly me - I am not getting all I need in terms of connection (one of my top 5 values is connection) so I try to fill this void through my crazy obsession with blogging, commenting on blogs, etc.

If you don't comment, I suppose you have a deep need to be a voyeur in someone's life :)

Hmmm - does that resonate with anyone?

And about my friend, what would you do?

Just leave it and accept that this is a one-sided conversation, or what? It does happen often.

Thing is, she is good about being there for you if you need something. If I need her, she will be there.
  • When the babies were still little, she brought us food one night because we were so tired.
  • For my first media thing (magazine story), she was there helping me with hair/ make-up/ clothes, etc.
  • She collects mail when we're on holiday.
She's just a bit selfish where conversation is concerned :)

Please tell me about some of your friendship issues!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Showing myself some love

Sooooooooo, it's Valentine's Day.

Clearly most people are a-crafting and a-baking because the internet is quiet except for all things Valentine.

My big question with all the seasonal decor is always this - WHERE oh WHERE do you store all these things?

I am the only one wearing red today (a red jacket over a black skirt and top - I have one other red item of clothing and of course, all those red bags!), D and the babies are in normal clothes, although K is in hot pink, so I think that counts.

Last week I wore a red skirt and jacket that I actually love but...

I was so uncomfortable the entire day (I kept tugging at the skirt to pull it down) and then eventually I remembered - hey! one of the items on my list is to only wear clothes that make me feel good, so out they went.

I'm thinking of it as "I showed myself love that day".

Well, today I showed myself some more love by finally starting another private blog, Marcia Unplugged :)

If you want to read along (first post is up), leave me your email address and I'll add you but please only people I don't know in real life.

How did you show yourself love today (or this weekend)?

Unrequited love

We just had a Valentine's "do" at work.

They'd asked us to leave our love notes in boxes dotted around the building to be read out at lunch time.

Most of them were the usual silliness for some of the hot colleagues (there are two new guys who got quite a lot of love notes :)) but there was this one...

This girl wrote a whole page about how this guy started working with their department on something, how he stops to chat every day and how, if he thinks carefully, he'll know who the letter's from. And that she's been scared to tell him of her feelings or ask him out (as she's not that kind of girl - personally, I say, "go for it"), etc.

Very heartfelt.

I can't stop thinking about this girl.

I hope they get together and that he feels the same way.

So my colleagues and I are walking back and everyone is back to work.

I pipe up, "I can't stop thinking about that girl".

They all laugh and say I'm crazy.


Yes, I may just have an overactive imagination.

I call it seeing the fun in everyday situations.

What if he thinks it's girl number 2 and it's actually girl number 1? What if he knows who it is and doesn't like her? Or is just really stupid about the whole thing?

What if? What if?

I happen to know the guy in question and will be keeping tabs on it ;)

I only had one unrequited love incident in my life when I was about 14 - 15.

What about you?

Quick update on the Nutren Jnr

Remember my one concern about the new milk for the babies?

It wasn't just cost.

Kendra refuses to drink any more than what she always was drinking. In fact, she's drinking less milk, I think because she's getting fuller from the Nutren.

Before she'd have 150 ml full cream in the mornings, now she leaves 20 - 40 ml every morning. At night she is taking 100 - 110 ml, the same as she'd had before.

We've tried giving extra bottles during the day - she will not take it (we persisted for about 4 days before I emailed the dietitian).

My default style is not to worry about these things and carry on with the food as before (as they are such good eaters) but I wanted to find out if I was being too blase about it.

K is a smart cookie; if she senses that her eating (or drinking) is important to us, she gets picky about the food. I didn't want to turn her off her milk totally so I even say "should I give this to Connor?" and she is definitely done because she says "yes" :)

So I emailed the dietitian and here is her email response:
Nutren junior or PediaSure will definitely make your kids fuller (it’s a complete meal replacement).

To cut costs, you can give half milk requirement as Nutren and the other as full cream milk. It is always a skill to get the right balance of giving enough nutritional support without affecting the eating or making an issue of drinking/eating more to catch up weight.

I wouldn’t give Kenda any more bottles if she is not happy to drink it. Give her what she can take without causing a fuss.

Totally agree with this.

I am doing their morning and bedtime bottles with Nutren. For cereal and cooking (and custard in winter - mmm, can't wait), I use full cream.

Connor is easily having 500 ml or more a day, 350ml of that is Nutren and Kendra has about the same as before (400 ml) but 250ml of that is Nutren.

I updated their spreadsheet with the latest weights and calculated where they should be in 2 months when we see Dr S again. So we're working towards it but not stressing unduly, which I think is the healthy way to do things anyway.

Do you ever worry about your children's eating?

P.S. I had a lady come up to me in the shops to ask me about baby formula, etc. Clearly I looked like I knew what I was doing? Maybe because I had the babies with me?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mummy, wake up!

I've mentioned before that D has the early shift with the babies since 5:30 feels like the middle of the night for me.

He gives them their bottles and most days they settle in for another lie-in and then the three of them get up at around 6:15 - 6:30.

I sleep til V arrives at 7:30 and on weekends, D lets me sleep til about 7:50, just enough time to wake up and go make their breakfast, unless it's oats, in which case he makes it.

We are still using the notebook and every evening I write down all the meals for the next day so he knows.

He is awesome, isn't he?
Anyway, so by the time I wake, the kids are wide awake, have had their nappies changed and are wearing their clothes for the day (I set these out too) so they're all perky early birds around their sound asleep mother.

D then lets them come into our bedroom to wake me.

This is how they do it:

Kendra immediately goes to fetch my flip flops (or slippers) and brings them to me, dumps them on my shoulders and says, "Mummy!!!! Shoes, shoes!"

She is obsessed with shoes and doesn't even like me to walk barefoot in the house. Most times I humour her but sometimes it is just too hot!

Connor heads straight for my bedside table and takes my two rings in the one hand and my glasses in the other and comes to dump them on my face, saying, "Mammy! (it went from Mum-mum-mum to Ninnie to Mimi to Mammy (he's a little Irish boy!) - he's enjoying trying out different sounds all the time now - and then he makes kissy sounds.

It is so cute I can't stand it - my heart literally feels like it wants to break from joy.

So yes I have 4 little hands in my face (I can't stand people touching my face normally) but all in all, not a bad way to wake up every morning.

P.S. D and I had a lovely lunch today - the talking, that is - and "quickly" dashed into CNA (stationery store - my weakness) for elastic bands (I will share my little project when I make some more) where I emerged with R250 worth of stationery. I am baaaaaad. But I do like pretty!

P.P.S. If anyone South African is interested in that s*x book, I've just listed my copy on for R70 plus postage (around R30). Contact me if you want to buy it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting unstuck with Mondo, business bits and bobs, & Valentine's

I have been behind on my Mondo Beyondo stuff since a certain lesson two weeks ago.

I just got stuck and couldn't move.

I then chatted with my coach today (who has also done Mondo). Interestingly enough she got stuck at the same place and we are very different people.

Even more interesting, just the fact that I talked about it for a good 5 mins made me want to revisit the Mondo work.

So I did tonight.

I've just spent 3 hours "catching up". Now people on the forum said to just "be" and "marinate" and other such passive things that don't work for me. I'm a take action kind of gal.

And so I did. I read everything and commented on nearly every single lesson.

And guess what? someone wrote something that hit me between the eyes. They wrote the very thing that unlocked my being stuck.

I finally got why that lesson bothered me so much. I couldn't figure it out from the obvious but it's the hidden things.

Isn't that fantastic?

When I'm stuck, I basically become paralysed and need to figure things out (often with a coach) so I can take acion. Taking action always gets me moving again.

How do you get going when you're stuck with things, decisions, actions in your life?

One of the lessons was to look at your list and look for trends (they called it something else but that's basically it).

Mine all centred around being recognised for achievements, living a simpler life and travel. Oh, lots and lots of travel. Nearly a third of the list is travel.


In other news, one of my current clients told me that she wants extra coaching time. She was already on my most expensive coaching package so I am now officially being paid the most I've ever earned in my life.

MONDO! Best year ever.

It's not the money, it's what it represents - people recognising my expertise.


I also signed up a new client today - she asked for a quote yesterday and today phoned back. When I was about to discuss packages, she said, "oh the money is not an issue. I just need your help desperately" :) love it!


Also, I finally got a dvd from the tv show. Now I need to figure out how to upload just my snippet to YouTube and then I'll email you the link, Deanna. And anyone else who wants to see it.


I worked so well at work today and then again with the personal trainer that I am now absolutely finished, so off to bed.

Tomorrow D and I are going out for lunch, without babies, while V babysits, and then on Sunday afternoon we're going for a movie while MIL babysits. I hope she copes.

That's our Valentine's celebration. We don't do expensive gifts - living a simpler life and all that jazz...

To those who say you can celebrate your love any day, I'm going to ask, well, do you really? We all need opportunities to celebrate love.

So what are you doing? And if you're single, what are you going to do to love yourself?

P.S. whenever you see gorgeous pics of us, it's all thanks to Jeanette :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A successful lunch

Thank you for your fantastic comments and the emails on the s*x post. I laughed so loud at some of them and wow - some of you are doing very well at 3 X a week (tell your partners how lucky they are!!!)


On Sunday after church we whizzed all the way to The Flowerspot to see if they had some things to pretty up my life.

I came out with 4 rolls of satin ribbon and 2 packs of brown paper bags. I just can’t seem to resist brown paper bags.

They’re just so useful as a quick gift bag and if you add a nice bright ribbon, they look very pretty.

D and I decided on the way over that we’d eat lunch out since it would be 1 pm and my kids are very punctual with the eating and sleeping (they impose it on us, not the other way around).

It would be cute if it weren’t so annoying sometimes. Kendra comes to us and signs that she’s hungry and then Connor follows suit. On the bright side, at least they sign and don’t just scream, right?

So we went to the Mugg and Bean and I’d organised the high chairs and ordered their meals before D and Kendra even got to the table :)

They had a meal called a Funny Face which is French toast in the shape of a circle, a sausage (for the smile) and bits of grated cheese for the hair.

Connor polished off his food and then started on mine.

Kendra also ate most of hers (about 90%) and then we gave the remainders to Connor.

D and I were incredulous (someone said to me the other day, “who says incredulous?” I said, “I DO!”) at how well-behaved they were.

We’d stopped taking them out for about 2 months after a disastrous lunch at Nino’s where they literally FLUNG pizza off their high chairs. D hates being embarrassed and it was BAD.

I don’t enjoy the bad behaviour but I do know I don’t have the naughtiest kids around so I'm quite relaxed about it.

We discussed our definition for success eating out as a family and came up with these three things:

· The children don’t whine and moan
· They eat at least 80% of their food
· Quick service

Isn't it amazing how low your expectations go?

What are your definitions for successful eating out?

P.S. Go read this fantastic post on eating out with twins. This was us for so long it's laughable only because we seem to be coming out of it. I wanted to link it as the blog post of the week on the multiples blog but that weekend they had some other link party.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

So, the s*x thing

click the pic for the Amazon review

We've spoken before about how it seems near impossible to have s*x regularly.

It's a combination of low libido, perpetual tiredness and a little bit of "no time".

I don't really believe the last one because you make time for things that are important to you.

So, my big goal this year is to get my relationship with D back in tip-top shape - I feel the biggest gift you can give a child is to have a healthy, happy marriage. It's so easy to let things slide if you're not intentional about working on your relationship.

I saw a book called "We should do this more often" - Lorilee Craker. The subtitle says, "a parents' guide to romance, passion, and other prechild activities you vaguely recall".

Of course I bought it.

And it was great.

It basically reinforced the idea that s*x is very important in a marriage, and I'd say having enough of it!

Dr Phil often says (or he used to when I could still watch TV at night) that if you're having regular, good s*x, then it's only about 10% of the relationship but if you're not having s*x, then it becomes 100%.

So true.

She acknowledges that sometimes all we want to do is sleep but that s*x is very necessary and fun too :)

There's a lot of practical things to do to and advice from real women.

The three things that stood out to me and that got a sticky note are:
  • 87% of moms are having less sex now than before kids
  • After seeing to the kids' needs, couples then pour their leftover energy into doing their own thing (she wrote scrapbooking or shopping; I could say blogging!) instead of working on their relationships.
  • You need to schedule s*x - it then starts to be something you anticipate - and sometimes you just need to do it. A quickie is as good as anything else - the laundry will wait.
  • and my best.... go to bed n*ked!
She also said that it's important to go away as a couple. From the time the kids are 18 months old, a week with Grandma will be good for kids - I don't think she meant twins but it's at least something to aim for :)

So what are your tips for doing IT more often? I'm always looking for good ideas.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Anybody up for some Crazy Love?

A few weeks ago Deanna posted goals for the year and said she was looking for someone to do a devotion or similar with this year.

Since I always think my spiritual life could do with work, I told her I'm up for it.

We've decided on Crazy Love by Francis Chan. The subtitle is "overwhelmed by a relentless God" which I love as that is my perception of God too.

Image taken from the official website

This is a New York Times bestseller and how could you not love a red book?

(or is that just me?)

The foreword's by Chris Tomlin, my favourite worship leader in the world. His voice is SO yummy :)

Here is a blurb taken from the website? (I need to hire that copywriter because I'm hooked!)

Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status quo? Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical, solutions? God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religious complacency isn't working harder at a list of do's and don'ts — it's falling in love with God. And once you encounter His love, as Francis describes it, you will never be the same.

Because when you're wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.

Anyway, I thought I would throw this out there as it will be fun and will provide some support and encouragement to read together.

So who's in? All you need is the book (buy from CUM books, Gospel Direct or Exclusive Books in South Africa) and a computer. I may even be persuaded to do a vlog (!) but don't hold me to it.

Deanna, I'm so glad you asked for a partner on your blog!

Infertility sucks, big time, and a question about adoption

I've had 4 baby/ non-baby talks with people recently.

1) at work we were talking about adoption and a colleague was saying about how she'd like to do it one day to help underprivileged babies.

Which freaks me out, big time.

Another joined in... same story... how it's such a good thing to do FOR THE BABIES.

So I pipe up (because I just can't keep my mouth shut) and say, "is it REALLY for the babies? Because if I had to adopt I would totally do it for ME!"

Silence... confusion... questioning looks

I explained that a baby would add to my life. Yes, maybe it would improve some kid's life but my motivation in doing it would totally be for me, and therefore selfish.

And aren't all people the same?

They said no.

I left it (fortunately I did actually have work to do) but I did say, "maybe it's different when you're infertile like I am!"

And we laughed and that was that.

2) A dear reader of this blog, A, has been emailing with me for the last couple of months since she was diagnosed as infertile.

She just went through her first IVF and it was negative.

She is understandably devastated (as am I) and when she told me she couldn't stop crying, oh, it took me back to my first failed IVF.


A, I'm thinking of you every day!

3) Very dear friends of ours who live in London are also battling. They've had at least one miscarriage that we know of.

She wrote me a beautifully heartfelt email and again, my heart broke. How they were at a party and a lady asked which child is hers, and then proceeded to give her advice on getting pregnant.

And how they've finally painted over the Winnie the Pooh mural in the baby's room.

I started crying when I read that.

I still haven't answered the email because I don't want to be flippant.

We love them so much and they would make the best parents, honestly.

4) Other friends of ours, this time in Ireland, commented on old pics of us when we were in Ireland with them saying we should do this again.

We said, "YOU should come HERE this time" or something to that effect and he said he needed to email us.

D then sent an email (you don't want everything on the internet, do you? :)) and asked if there was a bun in the oven.

And there is.

I am so, so happy for them.

They're not married and this is a surprise (!) but he's been wanting kids for the last 7 years (there's a story about him and previous gf breaking up because of this stuff...). I don't know how she feels because she's young (32) and gorgeous and a party-goer of note :)

So I'm happy for them but the "oops" ones always stab me a bit in the heart, especially hearing about it the day after receiving the email in (3).

Coming back to the adoption issue - how do you feel?

Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm on my way to the poor house

My friend, M, who I met in the NICU, has lots of issues with her daughter, M.

I think she sees the physio, occupational therapist, speech therapist, dietician, normal paed and a neurologist on a regular basis. She's the one who had 11 appts in a 3-week period last month.

Baby M sees the same dietician that we saw - not surprising as we're with the same paed.

Anyway, so I phoned (!) her and asked her where the best place was to get the Pediasure/ Nutrigen.

She said either Baby City or Dischem.

On Saturday all of us set out to a shopping centre to buy this stuff.

Baby City only had Pediasure in 400 and 900g cans, no Nutrigen.

So off to Dischem (ginormous pharmacy franchise) and they had both. The nutrigen was 79% of the price (when I'm exact like this, I think of MandyH :)) of the Pediasure so I took everything on the shelf.

All 12 cans.

12 400g cans @ R75 a can = R900

Can number 1 lasted until today after morning cereals.

2.5 days.

I then divided 2.5 into a 30-day month and that comes to .... 12 cans.

Pure coincidence.

But what this means is that in a good month, we'll spend R900 on Nutrigen (which, please note, is the cheaper option).

In our worst days of buying formula for the babies, we never spent more than R765 (I checked my spreadsheet :)) and we got 20% back on our credit card the following month, which will not happen now since this is not a partner store.

So I'm freaking out a bit. At the cost and at all the cans littering my kitchen!

Is it bad to give them the Nutrigen in their bottles and still use normal milk for their cereals? I may save about R300...

We were using 1 L full cream milk a day which works out to R240 for the month. So you can see why I'm freaking out at R900!

What do you spend on milk for your baby (ies) in a month?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday senses, a recipe and a menu plan

Well, well, I'm doing a meme just for the fun of it. And to make Rebecca happy :)

A lovely, tidy room (study) marred by D's messy desk (I am banned from "helping him" although I want to throw all his paper in the bin.

the hum of this old computer, me tapping away on the keyboard and .... silence :) If I strain my ears I can hear the TV in the lounge

Warm air on my legs and the cool plate on my legs where I'm balancing my supper.

Chicken salad - recipe below

Mayonnaise! And the smell of summer through the open windows.

This is my healthy chicken salad recipe

20 g onion, 40 g mushrooms, 40 g broccoli = 1 veg on Weigh Less
100 g deboned, skinless chicken, chopped into cubes = 1 medium protein
140g cooked pasta = 2 complex carbohydrates
1/2 medium Granny Smith apple = 0.5 fruit
50g cooked kidney beans = 0.5 low fat protein
1 tablespoon mayonnaise = 1 fat

I stir fry the veg and chicken in 2 drops of oil and water, transfer to a bowl, add the rest of the stuff, mix it all up and scoop onto a plate. Add ground chilli flakes if you like a bit of kick, salt and pepper to taste - I hardly have any salt but pepper is my friend.

Then I refrigerate for about 30 minutes - I like it nice and cold - and then enjoy :)

You can use any veggies you like - I've used carrots, cucumber, etc. It is delicious and I don't notice that I'm hardly having any pasta...

While we're talking about food, here is my menu for the week:

Chicken and broccoli, with rice

Baked potatoes with bolognaise sauce (this should end all my frozen portions)

M - tuna and rice bake, salad
D - Hawaiian chicken

Chicken pasta salad (this time I'll use lentils)

Burgers and salad (I know the more observant of you will have noticed I have this on my menu every Friday. I still have not actually made this because we end up finishing foods in the fridge, or not wanting this, etc.)

That chicken pasta salad is a favourite around here in summer (except the babies don't eat mayonnaise - I also went off mayonnaise while I was pregnant...) and I made some tonight because we've had it a grand total of 3 times this summer. Totally unacceptable for something that good.

What are some of your favourite meals to cook? :)

P.S. Coming up this week - I need to blog about the new milk, a very successful lunch today, the s*x book and how I'm prettying up my life :) I'm going to blog the organising projects on the other blog - leave me your email if you want that blog info.

Do you also make a list of things to blog about?

P.P.S I'm 36 and a half today. Only 6 months left to finish my 36 things list.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Not so perky

I met the new personal trainer yesterday and had my first session with her.

Her name's Sara, by the way.

And... thankfully she is not as perky as she appeared on the phone.

She is VERY young though (around 22 - I will ask as I get more comfortable with her) and full of energy.

I sent her the goals I'd sent through before but amended them slightly to be a bit more specific. And this time I took out all mentions of me doing yoga :)

She weighed me and............. I've lost 1.9 kg in the 11 days since I'd last been weighed.

I can't really see it but my pants have felt more loose.

Onwards and upwards :)

4 sessions down; 20 to go (or at least that's what I'm telling myself) to get to all my goals.

Although I am loving working out with someone pushing and challenging me.

I'm such a group person that I've never been able to work out by myself because I find it dead boring.

But with her next to me and us chatting ... and her encouragement - it feels totally different.

And of course, I'm not tempted to slack off because I think of my thin (Thailand) self and push through.

I can see how some people become addicted to working with a personal trainer. Really I can.

There's a lady who works at our company (mid-forties) who has a truly
GORGEOUS body. Good legs, b**bs, and toned, but not overly so.

Apparently she'd been training with personal trainer number 1, 3 times a
week for the last year.

I tried to justify it and said to him, "she's been thin way before
that" but I get that the reason she continues with him is so she doesn't ever
slack off. And can keep that gorgeous, toned body.

The only thing that puts me off is spending all that money.

BUT I have to remind myself that I'm getting results and I wasn't doing that before even though I knew how to do all the exercises.

And that is worth every single rand.

I suppose it's like when people coach with me - some of the things they do know to do, they're just not doing it. Like my two clients writing their books. They have the expertise, I just coach them around working their time better and so on... and those books are done.

I think it's because if you know you're paying, you're going to darn well do all your homework and you will get results :)

And now I need to go make a salad to go with the tuna and rice bake I made earlier :)


Oh, I do a thing on the organising blog where I choose 4 organising tasks for the month (one per weekend). They can be small things like tidy up a pile of paper or bigger things like sorting through the babies' summer or winter clothes or even the dreaded decluttering your wardrobe.

Whatever takes your fancy.

So who's joining me? Write a post on your blog and set your intention with the 4 tasks. And then do one small thing this weekend.

Tomorrow I will post my "after" pics (because I forgot to take "before" pics) and you can all link up.

And now I really need to go make that salad!

P.S. I wanted to post a pic but I'm on the slowest computer in the world as mine is at the computer place and I am pulling out my hair.........

Friday, February 04, 2011

Good rushing

I seem to have days at work where there are only 1 or 2 short meetings the whole day, and then there are those days like Wed and yesterday where I have literally 6 hours of meetings in a row.

Which just kills me because there's no time to action all those discussion points ...

Yesterday I had meetings from 1 - 4:30 and then rushed home, put babies to bed after supper and baths, and rushed out again to the other side of the world. Literally.

That was a good rush, though.

It was our fertility babies supper at my friend, Roz's house.

We were supposed to be 8 girls but 3 cancelled at the last minute.

Still, I always believe that the ones who are meant to be there will be there.

And we were.

I can't speak for them but I had a wonderful time seeing all my friends and Roz's one twin, E, who was up and about with us for about 30 mins. There's a pic of the two of them right on the bottom of this post.

I love seeing mothers interacting with their kids in their homes - there's a different feeling to it, don't you find?

I even got to meet her nanny!!!

The food was also lovely...
chicken lasagne

salad and breadrolls

and a delicious chocolate pudding with custard (which sounds really good right NOW as I'm hungry)

Those are the pics of the table - wasn't it stunning? The one of the glass is my favourite pic.

I always feel like my tank's all filled up after I get together with friends in person.

Social media is kind of wonderful (I say kind of because I'm still not totally convinced that it doesn't just lead to overwhelm) but there's still nothing like connecting in-person with friends.

And bonus! I only got lost once :) Roz's directions were absolutely perfect (don't you love good directions?!) but coming home, there was a huge accident on the highway and I was a bit shaken by all the cars involved and missed my exit.

Fortunately I've made that mistake once before so I knew how to get home from taking the next exit.

What are your plans for the weekend?

We are going to spend a fortune on Pediasure (yes, I'm a slacker mother for only bothering to get it this weekend. I'm at peace with my slacker tendencies).

All pictures taken by Roz.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

So, the paediatric dietician and Big, Hairy, Travel dreams

We had the appointment with the dietician yesterday to discuss the children's eating and weight "issues".

I only made one appointment because I am cheap and practical - I reasoned that anything she said I would be applying to both of them anyway.


D was not so sure about my frugality (hey - I have a bond to settle this year :)) so I texted the lady and said, "which baby should I bring? the smaller one or the one who has lost the most weight?"

She said as long as I have their growth charts, I don't need to bring either of them.

But we took Connor since he is the baby who lost the most weight and has never, up until now, had an issue.

Kendra has been a skinny little thing from the get go.

She was lovely (I will tell you later how she is my favourite person at the moment) and set us at ease.

I'll admit to having a bit of a chip on my shoulder going in.... I am nothing if not self-aware.

Anyway, we discussed their eating habits, what times they eat, and how much, and the variety of foods, etc, etc. (I brought two of the notebooks with me to help jog my memory) and how much milk, what kind they drink, etc.

Therein lies the problem.

They are apparently drinking too little milk! They have 250 - 300 ml a day. Plus another 125 - 150 ml in cereal when they don't have oats.

And she said they probably should have stayed on formula past the 12-month mark. They are on full cream cow's milk.

I am not even thinking about how all these experts differ in opinion as I do NOTHING without Dr S's say-so.

Moving along.

She wants them on 500 ml of milk daily. But... Pediasure or Nutrigen (sp?) Junior, not cow's milk.

That's when I was pleased I didn't bring baby 2 for a second consultation fee :)

Then onto their eating.

Well... their eating is perfect.

Surprisingly so for toddlers.

And then she said the thing which makes her my current favourite person.

"You should write a book"

We both laughed.

"I'm absolutely serious," she said, "your kids eat really well and you're clearly doing things in a really good way"

Oh, I beamed.

Hopefully she doesn't say that to all the moms.

Also, she's also a mom of twins (4-year-old girls) but like you, Cat, a singleton and then twins.

She said at the end of the appointment that this is still a really hard stage - apparently from 3, it's all sunshine and roses :)

I, of course, said, "NOTHING could ever EVER be as bad as the newborn stage"

Oh, by the way, Connor has gained a lot of weight this month already - he is now exactly 11 kg. Up from 10.63 kg on 7 Jan.

We see her again in 3 months time at which point I am certain we will be back on the growth curve track.... right?


These pics are still from the beach shoot. I like to look at things that make me happy and the beach makes me happy.

One of my Mondo dreams is to live on the beach for a month... right on the beach, no faffing around with cars and sand in cars (hate!) ... I said to MandyH I would have to take V or rent a nanny to make it truly relaxing :)

To make it a true BHAD, I would go to Thailand.... mmmmm.

What is just ONE of your Big, Hairy, Audacious TRAVEL Dreams?

P.S. To see some Thailand pics, go look at my travel blog header - francoisfamily dot blogspot dot com :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Yesterday I had my first massage of the year.

I always go for a neck and shoulder massage since I "store" my stress in my back.

It was wonderful.

What made it even more wonderful was that it was POURING with rain.

And there were claps of thunder and lightning.

Just divine.

The massage therapist got such a fright with the first clap of thunder though and we spoke about it afterwards.

She wanted to know if the massage was, in fact, relaxing with all the rain and thunder going on.

I told her that (for me) it made it even MORE relaxing because I so love rainy weather :)

In fact, I suggested that she get a CD with rain music LOL

Two of my friends suggested I get something like a massage (hmmm) since I've been feeling a bit blah.

That's not the answer - superficial things never are - but it was nice nevertheless.

What do you do when you feel a bit blah?

P.S. There was nothing controversial about the church post and no, I didn't delete anything. There is no way I'd delete posts over things like that. It's just I don't normally get people dropping off and then straight after that one, 1 went. And look - another left :) I'm not bothered by it honestly.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I lost a follower talking about church

On one level I hate it... even though I'm being authentic and on another level, I'm the teeniest bit tickled.

Because this means I'm being the slightest bit controversial.

Poor me - I so enjoyed seeing 70, a nice round number :)


So yesterday I went for my personal training session and the PT announces that that was our last session together.

Freak out!

Since I'm now starting to enjoy it - I like being pushed and challenged by the PT. Who knew?

Something to do with him getting into an argy-bargy with the gym manager over having to take unexpected time off because of his modelling.

Hate it!

And first thing this morning (well, for me, that's 9.15-ish) I get a call from a new, very perky personal trainer.

I don't do very perky - it exhausts me.

She already doesn't listen as I said twice that I train at 3.30 and she phoned me back a 2nd time to ask again.

On the bright side, I am really, really sore today and can barely walk.

I realised yesterday I'm getting stronger - it only took me 2 minutes to first feel some pain on the rowing machine and usually I feel pain within 10 seconds (no joke).

And I did "the plank" - where you prop yourself up on your elbows and your body is raised from the floor in a straight line - for a whole 30 seconds yesterday.

It's the small things, isn't it?


Right, the macaroni cheese.

Remember this is me - I don't measure, I just throw things in. I call it being creative.

Some margerine, flour, salt... make a paste.... add milk, stir, stir, stir and then I added 3 carrot cubes, pureed (I follow The Sneaky Chef so I always have green and orange cubes to make something more healthy) and about half a tub of low-fat cottage cheese (about 125 g/ 4oz), and then at the end some real cheese, I think cheddar. Salt and pepper to taste.

Hope that helps.

And Julia, I use chickpeas the same as I use kidney beans. I cook (too cheap to buy canned) about a cup of dried chickpeas/ kidney beans (a legume is a legume, right? :)) make a sauce with about 2 cans tomato, onions, mushrooms, something green (I like Swiss Chard), lots of garlic, salt and pepper, and a bit of sugar for all that tomato. A dash of worcestershire sauce and you're good.

We then eat this over pasta or baked potatoes and it is yum. I "invented" it after I had such a lot of veggies to get in me every day. One portion is easily 1 low fat protein and 2 - 2.5 veggies :)


It was this etsy seller's blog that had me up til 11.40 on Sunday night.

Can you guess what I bought from her shop?


And then, these are the little bags I bought from this shop.

And now, back to work :)

How's your week going so far?

P.S. I get so frustrated when people leave cryptic messages on FB and when you ask about it, they're all "oh can't/ don't want to talk about it". Then don't say it. Or is this just Curious George Marcia?


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