Saturday, December 31, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly about 2011

Thanks for all your wonderfully insightful comments on the terrible 2.5 post.

D said to me, "what have we done wrong?" and I said, "I will blog. The ladies are always wonderfully objective about these things" and you were!

Thank you!


I wish I could take another week to blog about each aspect of my life for 2011 but most of you except 3 people would be bored stiff :)

Let's start.

The ugly

1. The back pain that necessitated my gall bladder removal on 11 October (D's and my 19th "going out" anniversary) was the only non-reproductive surgery I've had to have done and in my view, that was quite enough.

It also set me back in my weight loss journey *sigh* as if that isn't hard enough already but I am ready for next week.

2. And then, Kendra's issues this month. It turned out to be a kidney infection which is not all gone yet. We visited the doc again yesterday and she's on a lower grade antibiotic for a full month to totally zap it.

I don't even want to think about all the bills rolling in over the next week. She had 3 scans/ x-rays which come out of the medical savings account and ours was depleted in Aug, 3 blood tests and saw the paed/ GP 3 times, and is going again for a follow-up on Tues. We're probably looking at about R5000 out of pocket :(

3. Something I haven't blogged about - Connor. Connor is totally off me and has told me many times he doesn't like me. This is probably the toddler version of "I hate you". It hurts me deeply and I have even cried. Last night I was clearing out paper in my study and found something I'd printed on the internet, about not worrying too much when your kids say they hate you. I really needed to read it then. Intellectually I know no one's lives are perfect BUT when you read Facebook updates of perfect mothers and perfect children (or at least, my friends' statuses seem to be perfect) it makes you feel even more inadequate.

4. My friend's son was murdered in Feb. I was so shocked and horrified that I did nothing except survive for a month. My diary is completely blank. And that was just me. I still can't think too much because I just want to cry. Thankfully there is justice in this world. The boy that stabbed him to death was sentenced to life without parole (there is no death penalty in their state). My friend said she didn't think anything could be worse than getting the news but there was something worse - sitting through the whole trial and hearing a play-by-play for a whole week. I can't even imagine.

5. My website was hacked 3 times in one month, once again the next month, and a different domain was hacked again in Nov. Not this blog. I deleted that one without even a smidge of anger or anything. This is very bad though - it's dangerous when I become so cold about things. I can't even explain the stress I felt during this time. I really don't care to repeat any of that. Sad thing is my site still doesn't do its thing properly in some people's browser settings. I have just had to let go.

The bad

  1. My wonderful boss leaving me. I'm dealing with it as best as I know how - by blocking it out. I've already put myself in his calendar for a regular catch-up to talk nonsense like we do.
  2. The church group not being as successful as I thought it would be. I really thought this group would take off but it hasn't. I was faithful though and poured my heart and soul into each and every talk, preparing, doing handouts, etc. Not sure if it was just on a bad day but it is what it is. I still haven't heard back from the pastor after my email saying I wouldn't be doing it next year.
  3. Business.............. shocking. I had wonderful clients but overall, not great sales or responses to anything really. Totally disheartening again when I do pour my life into it. Still praying about how to keep it alive but not let it consume me. My coach friend thinks it's just the economy but I don't know. I'm gearing up to do final financials over the next day or two.
  4. Christmas in the hospital. Just very sad. I still cringe at the thought of eating a roll for lunch - and not even a tasty roll. Our friends from yesterday said they just assumed we'd be okay since we didn't ask for help. I hate asking for help. You?
  5. Then, friendship. I had a hard time at the beginning of the year especially. As with my fake family, I also have fake friends. I like to imagine that I'm as important to others as they are to me and we have relationships like Friends. Yes, I like the dream world I live in :) But I'm getting better at learning to accept the form of friendship for what it is.

The good

  1. Deciding to work out with a personal trainer. Except for my times near the end with J, the one before this current trainer, I've loved it. I go because I've paid upfront, I work out and I see results. The only worry is what if I have to work out with someone forever??? I get used to good things very quickly!
  2. Losing 3 kg on Weigh-Less (and putting 2 of them back) - that part's not good but I want a true picture
  3. The kids were a delight until they turned 2 years 4 months. These last two months have been hard with them. Thank goodness there are flashes of cuteness.
  4. I had pieces published in 3 books and wrote my own book. I have not worked through the edits yet though - once everything settles back after our holiday away (notice how positive I am) I'm going to take a day's leave and get stuck in.
  5. Getting regular massages for 8 months this year til my therapist left.
  6. Getting two Brazilian blow-waves - changed my hair life. Those with crazy curly hair will understand.
  7. Following through on my commitment to do the church group. This was a good thing for me because I had to really push through some months.
  8. Doing my first (and only)  talk about infertility. I really don't know what God's cooking up but should I still bother to go to She Speaks next year?
  9. Doing the Newtown photo shoot. I really should have done this earlier - I can't believe how happy it makes me to look at those images. They are TOTALLY me and I love, love, LOVE the results. I have frames on my desk at home and at work, in a brag book, in photo books, on my walls at home and I'm still deciding which ones to put on canvas. Best decision ever.
  10. My word of the year, courage, has done me well this year - more on that tomorrow but it helped me to live BIG this year. To step out and take action even when I felt vulnerable.
  11. Paying off our bond. Yes. I haven't blogged about it because I'm coaching people how to do it and that's one of my rules - to not do both. But yes.
  12. While I'm talking about money, I had a good money year at work. A fantastic bonus. It kind-of embarrasses me, it was that good, but then I think I haven't always received good bonuses so it's about time, right? I also had two other free money payments and I also had a good increase.
  13. Of course the reason for all that is that I also had a really good year at work - I'm still working on a fantastic project, one I'm so excited about - I can't WAIT til it launches. Aside from Big Project, I feel like I've come into my own more. I'm very comfortable doing the (secret) stuff I do and it shows in my external and internal relationships at work. 
  14. I have truly LOVED working with the people in my work team. We are GREAT together - we disagree nicely, challenge one another, communicate beautifully and work together really well, especially with deadlines. Speaking of which, I have two nice meaty things to do this week at work...
  15. Real life friends - I prayed early this year for God to send people into my life who were right for me. As you know, I crave connection. And so some friendships deepened, some others started and still others have fallen away. I'm trying not to take those (too) personally as maybe they're just not into me as much as I was into them. I've so enjoyed our Fertility Babies suppers, my lunch/ shopping dates with other friends as well as the socials with our couple friends.
  16. Blog friends that became real friends - those I met like Rina, Louisa and Hayley - and those I haven't (yet) met although we might as well, for all the emailing we do behind the scenes like Julia and MandyE.
  17. Received plenty of good mail - much of it from etsy (I checked and I placed 16 etsy orders this year) but also from lots of dear friends all over the world.
  18. Also had the honour of sending good mail to plenty of people. I haven't counted but let's just say I now budget hundreds of rands for postage every month :) I've probably done 100 random acts of kindness this year. It's so satisfying to write, address and mail envelopes and know that people will get them all over the world.
  19. And last but not least, my creative expression. I feel like this year I brought pretty back in a big way. People at work say things like, "you're becoming so creative" and I say, "I've always liked making things pretty - it's just that I'm making the time for it now" and that's 100% true. I've always liked paper and stationery and this is another outlet for me. I did those washi tape binder clips in the hospital with Kendra one day.
  20. My gorgeous new camera. I've had it for exactly 1 month and I have 743 pics in my December folder (still have to download the last few days) compared to 109 in November. Yes. Scary. I am 100% happy with it and I still haven't read the manual.
  21. Moving to the turquoise bank. This might seem trivial but I can't explain how I'm LOVING my new bank, 9 months in. The service is just SO outstanding and I've not had a single complaint; instead they delight me at every turn. I was with the previous red bank for 25 years and while I want to say, "why did I wait so long?" regrets are useless.
  22. Something fun - the kids stopped stripping off their clothes. I am not joking - I used to have na.ked children (completely na.ked) running through the house without their nappies, peeing on the tiles. Not fun!

It's refreshing to see the good still outweighs the bad and ugly because it sure didn't feel like it til I started writing this post. :)

I said to D on our date afternoon, even in the midst of our infertility, I always felt I'd had a good year because the infertility was really the only bad thing in my life.

This year felt like so many areas sucked - medical, business, some personal, we weren't 100% on the same page a lot of the time, s*x, etc.

I am SO glad for this opportunity of a Brand New Year to turn over a clean page.

There's a scripture (Lamentations 3:22 - 23 - I looked it up - I'm not that good :)) I love that goes.. "His mercies are new every morning" and it's true. No matter how bad a particular day or year is, the very next one is always an opportunity to start anew.

That's exactly what I intend to do.

So that's my 2011.

Did anything surprise you? 

On a scale of 1 - 10, how was your 2011?

PS I've just finished MWF Seeking BFF - oh, it's so good. I can't wait to start blogging about all the friendship insights I had.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The terrible two and a halfs

I don't know if it's the fact that we're on holiday with them and they're out of their normal routine, the fact that Kendra's been in hospital or the fact that they're two and a half.

Well, nearly.

But these two are kicking our butt, big time.

Today we had some 3am friends over for lunch - and I asked her to bring half so it wouldn't be too hectic for me.

The babies were sleeping when they arrived so we had about an hour of proper chat.

They then woke up.

Connor came out fairly quickly but was glued to D. It was fine at first because D was sitting.

When D wanted to stand and do something else, C started tantruming like I have NEVER seen before.

All because he wanted D to pick him up and hold him all the time.

Kendra heard the strange voices in the dining area and refused to come out of her bedroom.

A cute moment - she'd had long-sleeved stuff on before sleep and when they woke, it was hot so I wanted to change her.

K (to me) No, only Daddy 
Me Too bad, Daddy's busy
K What did you say Mummy? Too bad?
Crazy laughing from K

(I'm glad it was such a big joke but it is too bad she only wanted her father)

Anyway, so then K wouldn't emerge from the bedroom.

When she eventually came out, she was walking with her hands over her eyes because she was so shy.


Yes, they were impossible.

I can't explain in words just how loud and annoying and frustrating it all was.

Especially since times of connection are so important to me. And we usually have a fabulous time with this couple since they are SOOO good with the kids. 

Eventually we had some good times but the slightest thing would set Connor off and Kendra just attached herself to D like a limpet.

Our friends left, we tried to feed them (C ate okay; K dismal failure), medicate them and put them to bed. The putting to bed was the easiest and best part because then I could have a cup of tea while coaching my favourite client.

I thought about how this current holiday's been such a difference from last year's one.

I am seriously frazzled and scared of our 10 days in Ballito.

I emailed my friend Caren yesterday to find out how her holiday's been going.

Caren is a very special person - she never, ever complains BUT if you ask her pointed and direct questions (as I do), she answers honestly.

So she said, "holiday? what holiday? the kids are being so naughty and the house is a mess"

For which I love her.

Because it instantly made me feel better.

That I am not alone stuff :)

In other news, remember K was discharged on Tuesday. Wednesday her temperature spiked twice - late afternoon and around 9 - 10. And the same thing happened on Thursday.

Today I had the paed paged and he got a script ready for her ......4th batch of antibiotics this month.


It took me 1.5 very long hours in Clicks to fill the prescription but that's a story for another day.

Back to the 2.5s...

Does something happen around 2.5 or is it just my crazy kids seriously kicking our butts?

PS I'm going to do a post on Sunday (1st) where I'll tell you how my word of the year went for 2011 and my new word of the year. Please play along. You can post before or after and just link up then. Are you in?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm going to be so glad to see the back of 2011 :)

Normally this time of year (especially the week between Christmas and New Year) is my absolute favourite.

It's a time to tie up loose ends and finish the year strong so that the new year is all brand-spanking new.

This is also where my love of the fresh new diary started.

Oh, there is nothing quite like a crisp new diary (planner) with lovely, clean pages and that new book smell.


I also love entertaining during this week - there's a different vibe somehow. It's easy, go with the flow, entertaining. No pressure, old friends, laughing and comfort.

But here it is, already the 29th and I still feel like it's the 1st.

I don't feel like I've had a Christmas (that's not a bad thing because I do feel closer to Jesus since I had my aha moment in the car listening to O Holy Night) and I certainly don't feel like I'm on holiday.

Matter of fact, I can't WAIT to go back to work next week.


I know you're horrified but these kids are kicking my butt, big-time.

I've hardly looked at my December goals (I will do so after I hit publish) and I certainly don't have any 2012 goals yet.

If Julia hadn't asked me in November (yes, she's early!) what my word of the year was for 2012, I wouldn't even have given that a second thought. Thankfully, I now have my word but that's about it.

Nevertheless, I'm doing what I can to make me feel better:
  1. decluttering clothes (have two bags of kids' clothes ready for the church orphanage)
  2. packing away toys
  3. tidying my study
  4. inviting friends over to connect

When I saw this writing prompt, I thought it was a good time to start my process of reflection.

Here are the top viewed posts.

I always find I enjoyed writing others more, or the ones I think will be popular get 2 comments!

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Do any specific trends stand out to you? Anything you think is odd?

Have you done a year in review post? Please feel free to share your link in the comments.

By the way, this is not my proper year in review post - tons happened that's not even reflected in the popular posts :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girls and their daddies

When Kendra's not 100%, she gets extra babyish.

I know the line between nurturing her and not being manipulated.

But D.


This evening she didn't want to feed herself but wanted Daddy to feed her.

Which is nonsense.

D fed her for a bit and then said she could take it from there.

But she started whining a bit and he carried on.

I said to him, "D, you need to stop because she's working you."

Kendra pipes up, "Kendra working Daddy".

We both burst out laughing but yes, she's working Daddy alright.

To be honest, I think she does a number on me too but certainly no where near D's level.

She still has to take some meds every morning and evening (even though she'd been making a number 2, apparently the scan showed some blockage so he wants her on this stuff for a month).

Yes, a month.

Tonight I said to D, "this (THIS!) is what drives people to drink".

Coaxing, bribing, threatening children to eat/ drink.

And yes, you noticed it.

I am officially bribing my child to drink her juice (meds have to be dissolved in some liquid). I tell her, "do you want me to put the other medicine in your b*m?"

As you can see, I'm very tactful :)

Within minutes, that juice is gone!

But back to you - do you find your girls manipulate their daddies? Or granddaddies?

PS Uh oh, she just woke up again with a temperature of 38.8.................. this is how it all started last time...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pre-Brazilian hair and 10 Tuesday titbits

  • That's my pre-Brazilian photo shoot with D on 30 Nov - I wanted lots of pics of the frizz :)
  • I finished all the Dec photos last night/ this morning at 12:30 am in the hospital. Go me. I have never been this up to date before. I think I'm scared because I had something like 298 from 23 - 26th so I have to keep up.
  • The photo frames all over my house were a big hit with everyone - D when he got home from the hospital and the in laws today. I really love the ones right outside the kids' bedroom - the set of pics where they're peeking around the pillar.

  • I was just telling MandyE that we got the kids some wooden things for Christmas (picture dominoes and counting puzzles). They are so lovely I've played with them more than the kids have! But really, I'm so tactile and the wood has such a lovely heavy feel. Mmmmm.
  • Speaking of playing with kids, Kendra and I had some lovely crafting time at the hospital. Washi tape was a hit with her too - she pretended they're plasters at first and then started sticking into her book.
  • It's POURING in Jhb at the moment and yes, I love it. Really, is there anything nicer than having some lovely rain outside? Not much. Of course I don't have to do laundry just yet...
  • I scheduled two sessions with the personal trainer this week (tomorrow and Friday morning) and I am SO GLAD I did. I feel fat and unhealthy and it's going to be hell for an hour tomorrow but it's going to be worth it. Eventually.
  • I bought 4 new nail polishes totalling R45 (about $5.50) today. Hot pink, bright blue, a pewter/ grey and another version of the purple I'm looking for, all in the post-Christmas sales. I promised the kids I'd do my finger and toenails tonight.
  • I can't find my Sony Cybershot's battery charger anywhere. This is very unlike me so I tidied the study the other night (Christmas night) and I still haven't found it. I always put it away but I could have not done so one day. Still, where??? (If you were a battery charger, where would you hide?)
  • I'm now 71% done with MWF Seeking BFF, and LOVING it. Seriously - I could write a blog post every 5 pages; I have so much to talk about. Who else has/ intends reading it?
And now, I need to get the tea things ready (the food) because our lovely friend is arriving soon. He works at Google - what a charmed life he leads, right?

So are you enjoying the holidays?

Are you lazing? Eating lots?

Or are you gearing up for next year?

(I used to think I was on top of new year planning but I've seen posts all over the blogosphere already about year in review and plans for next year - these people don't waste any time)


  • Kendra's been discharged! It's good to all be together but she is very clingy and will not let go of D. And of course, they're already squabbling. Good times....not!
  • We are home to a very messy house - I think my entire cupboard is dirty and in the sink. Husbands conveniently can block out messy houses and actually relax whereas I can't. Yes.
  • MIL and SIL have just arrived and I'm finishing my cup of tea and then about to go run errands. 
  • I know it's not hospitable but I can't be bothered to make small talk when my entire back is in knots. And my kitchen is so messy.
  • I've cleaned bathrooms, lounge and entranceway, oh, and the babies' room but that kitchen is D's.

Will be back tonight... maybe... with updates.

A very lovely friend is coming over after supper tonight. He is the kind of person I love - so comfortable in himself and in my house. He literally makes himself at home and I love it!

Hope you're having a better day.

Monday, December 26, 2011

While the Christmas stuff will stay up til the 6th...

Aimee, do you see your print on the left?

I took the chance last night (my night off, i.e. at home) to start sorting out the messy study. 
  • Put all the Christmas cards that were left (about5 or 6) back in the card box 
  • Put all the gift labels back Packed the gift wrap that is reusable away 
  • Got the two little Christmas crafts (very little - don't get too excited) ready to take some pics in better light this morning 

The other night I tackled all those photo frames on the bed.

First I lay the prints on the frames to see if they look right - sometimes I have to switch pics around to make it balance visually.

So the other night I put the pics in, dusted frames and walls, used up all my Command Hooks and got those things on the walls.

The house is looking fantastic because there are frames everywhere.

Some of them are slightly skew (tell me if you're twitching) but I let go of perfectionism to just get them up. I even put up the beautiful mosaic cross Cat made me.

In other news:

  1. Two other kids have joined us in paediatrics - a two-week-old baby girl who's not breathing properly and a two-year-old boy who reminds me so much of Connor, but is slightly naughtier. This little guy didn't settle til 9:30 tonight and I'm wondering if they go through this every night. I would be permanently shattered.
  2. I'm turning into the paparazzi. The little boy came running into our section to see what I was taking pics of... :)
  3. I now know it's not just K who screams at the mere sight of the doctor. The little boy did the same thing. However, I do very little talking (she's going to scream anyway; why waste my breath? :)) and I see the other mother gets very agitated and tries to talk the boy into being quiet.
  4. I have a pimple on my chin from the emotional eating. Yes, I'm eating lots of sweets and crappy food. 
  5. It's horrible to say this but today when D told me his mother wouldn't be visiting I went "yay" inside. It's not that I don't want her to see K; it's just exhausting having to make conversation days and days on end. Usually we have 3 - 4 weeks between visits and that's how I like it.
  6. K and I had a lovely visit from a 3 am friend on Sat. Our only visit besides MIL. I was so energised after she'd left - it was fantastic.She also brought Happy Feet penguins for the kids which we've since named Penny and Percival :), and some fun food. I need to put up a video of K praying. They both pray for this friend (first person outside family, or sometimes just the first person overall) every night, totally unprompted by us.
  7. Speaking of friends, Connor has a thing for Aunty Roz. There was a period of a couple of months where I/we got lots of things from Roz (kids' birthdays, my birthday, cards, letters, flowers for gall bladder op, etc) and now if I say to D, "guess who gave me/ us ____?" Connor says, "AUNTY ROZ!" Too cute!

Do you know the MINUTE I get home I'll be switching on the kettle for a big mug of decent tea?!

So how was your Boxing Day? (this is what we call the day after Christmas although I think it's been renamed Family Day)

PS This picture-heavy post is brought to you by Louisa. I am eternally grateful to her for showing me a nifty feature that's making blogging with pics a breeze. If you want to know exactly what that is, tell me in the comments - I'll write up something.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

So, Christmas 2011

I'm going to do this quickly in bullets because this is my home night from the hospital and I don't want to take too much time on the computer. After all, I'm 51% through MWF Seeking BFF and I'm keen to get stuck in after I have my shower.

Moving on...

1. I will never for the life of me get how they expect one to HEAL in hospitals when you can't even get a decent night's sleep. Why is it necessary to clean at 9 pm at night and then again at 5 am the next morning. Exactly what has happened in between? Grrr.

2. Something reset my attitude about this hospital thing. I was driving home that first Thursday night and listening to O Holy Night. Really listening to the words. And oh my! At the end of the day, I know God will come through for us with Kendra - He has SO many times before - we may not like the process but we'll be fine. I don't want my daughter in the hospital but He is still King and He is still on the throne. I do like it when I get these revelations in an instant.

3. This morning I asked the doctor if we're going to wait for that CRP count (StrongBlonde, just for you!) to come down all the way to 4 from 169 and she said no but that the trend must be moving down AND K needs to be fever-free for at least a full day. So far we haven't had a fever-free day. This afternoon she was 37.2 which was not high in my books (I give Panado from 37.5 and above) but they think it's high.

We will definitely be in for at least the full 5 days, maybe 7, depends on what our doc says tomorrow.

Thank you Rebecca and Mandy for your mentions in your posts - it made me all teary reading them.

4. So, the family drama. Yesterday my MIL visited K. That's a whole other story because she doesn't care about waking babies and I do. Anyway, she says, "and I'm still waiting to hear from D about tomorrow". We were supposed to have Christmas lunch with her. And then, "I had all these visions about the kids coming over on Christmas, seeing how I decorated the tree, etc".

I kind-of flipped and said, "WE also had visions but unfortunately we've ALL had to let go of our expectations. Kendra is in the HOSPITAL and that is our main concern". I said I felt that C and D should still go to church and then maybe go to her for a quick lunch before coming to us.

When D got to the hospital with Connor last night, he said, "no way, I don't feel right off having fun when K's in here. We'll come back to have lunch with you guys". D phoned both her phones then and left voicemails.

Well, this morning I phoned him and he sounded strange. After I prodded, he said he phoned his mother and she was very upset that he didn't want to come to her house but at the same time, said, "well you must do what you want to do". That kind of thing drives both of us bananas. We are stubborn as mules and don't respond well to the guilt trip. So he said, "exactly" and that was that. But of course not.

5. Our Christmas lunch - two-day-old rolls, the same chicken from Friday and a very sad-looking salad. Very boring and I only had one roll because it wasn't that good. However, I do always have good-looking stuff so we had pretty serviettes, plates, etc. D's mother suddenly pitches at the hospital with all these gifts in tow. I said nothing about the drama but just carried on with Christmas talk. And nicely avoided the "this is the first Christmas I've been so confused about what's going on" because I was not going to go there again. I can get very firm when it appears people aren't hearing and didn't want to mess up things for D...

Exchanged presents, etc. Connor is a gift wrap-tearing expert this year. He ripped off the paper beautifully. He was not having any of the going home to sleep so we gave in and were a family of four again til I brought Connor home to eat, bath and sleep.

Oy - two-year-old boys are busy. And this one does not stop talking for a minute. Literally.

I'm looking forward to some quiet time with him again tomorrow morning.

A few Connor-isms

Mummy, please get ABC (Bible flash cards I keep in my bedside table - they're only allowed to play with them if they're on my bed while I read my Kindle :))
Mummy! Take Daddy's pillows off bed. Connor want Connor's pillow. (suddenly he can't lie down on any pillows but his own)... and the one that breaks my heart...

Mummy, Connor missing Kendra!

My children talk about themselves in the third person. I don't correct them at all because I find it adorable! On the bright side, there's no "mine!" in this house. It's "Connor's mallet!" or "Kendra's stickers!"

Enough about me - how was your Christmas? Did you have a good lunch? 

Please tell me what I missed - I love thinking about food :)

Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

PS This is the photo I included with most of my Christmas cards. It is from the Newtown photo shoot and I love it!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas "decor"

I love this pic!

We're still decorating "up" and we only have this tiny little tree. To be honest, I did look, couldn't find a nice size one easily and by that time I was done with the shops. Imperfection - I love you!
Add caption
I love these hearts I got this year from Mr P Home
same with these silver things - adore, joy, love and hope (you may have seen the love one in my study - it stays up year-round). The beaded decorations are my South African twist and they're simple but lovely.

this thing gets rearranged daily by Connor
my mantel (who knew the mantel was such a big deal til you start reading decor blogs?!) these stockings are just for show - I don't actually do anything with them
this deserves a mention - it's how I display my Christmas cards. I like BOTH strings full of cards. Last time it was full was 2009. Those were the first 3. And then on Friday I got 5 more.

I love these wooden angels - Mr P last year 6 for R50. The other one is in the "button" on the top of this post.
I got these at a church craft day, the night of the Christmas carols. Aren't they cute?
Vase filled with Christmas ornaments (and a little green thing contributed by the babies) with candy canes around the edge
So here's the plan for tomorrow:
  • Boys and girls eat breakfast separately at hospital and home.
  • D will bring Connor and the presents here to the hospital.
  • Open and try and take some pics...
  • K and I stay, D and Connor go to church.
  • They will then come back and bring food? I don't quite know from where. There should be some leftover chicken and salad at home with rolls at the very least???
  • Spend time together, then they'll go home.
  • Afternoons spent quietly at hospital/ home while kids nap.

The place is dead quiet now as we're the only patient left. The other two little patients (7-8-year-old and a 9-week-old were discharged today).

Had lovely visit with the boys tonight.

Do you know what the worse thing is about being in the hospital? No food or TEA! Maybe I'll lose some weight? There is no canteen here and the one coffee shop is SO expensive and I'm tired of paying R12 for a cup of tea - it's a fair price but when you drink as much as I do.... (remember all these expenses are totally unbudgeted for)

Hope you have fun and no family drama tomorrow :)


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