Monday, June 16, 2008

My eyes are burning from all the crying

I found a link to this blog on Friday night and have spent HOURS reading each and every post since Angie started her blog in January.

This family is SOOO precious. Through all the tears, I've felt closer to my God than I have in months. Angie is a really good storyteller and you will love reading about her family.

Go read some more about Audrey and do keep the tissues handy...seriously!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Two weeks ago I went for my usual appointment for a face peel.

As I was leaving, I walked along the corridor and saw a little girl of about 3/ 4 dancing in the doorway of (I think it was) the dentist's office.

She looked so happy and alive that I smiled at her and we said "hello".

Then she holds out a hand full of folded up paper and tells me to take one.

So I did.

And I thanked her.

She then says to me, if you hold it over your head, it'll make your hair curly.

(talking her own brand of nonsense as only little girls do :))

That little bit of encouragement and laughter made me think, I can't wait to have my own curly-haired little one, talking nonsense to me.


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