Friday, February 28, 2014

Getting to the airport

I'm at the airport again, this time on the way back.

Detailed posts to follow but would you believe I couldn't find the place to drop off the rental car?!!!

Flip. I just rolled down the window and said, WHERE do I drop off this car?

A lovely man helped me and I made him jump in the car with me. We then drove around, dropped off the car and off he went.

Thank you lovely man who worked for the competition but helped a frazzled person anyway.

Gosh, driving has been an ISSUE.

See you back home! 

Did you miss me?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A tiny update

I've decided to update where and when I can, even if not with 10 pretty photos, as is my usual custom.

Church update

The course I'm doing is going so well. I forgot just how much I love training, especially when it's to help people to help other people have a God encounter.

And this might have been God's sneaky plan but I'm seriously considering throwing myself in again, if the admin requirements are not too onerous.

Last night was night 4 so only 1 night left and I'm not ready for that yet :)

On Mondays I cook,  eat quickly while I look over my notes and then dash to church. Do my thing, come home, watch Amazing Race with D (taped) and prepare for the next day before I jump into bed.

Last night I had the added pleasure of packing for the CT trip...

I'm at the airport Wimpy now waiting for breakfast. 

I had quite a bit of anxiety yesterday at work so in a way it's a big pleasure getting out of there to do my own thing. I work much better without constant supervision, as do most people, of this I'm convinced. I had a very sore back too and someone at work asked if it was not due to stress!!! I said I've no doubt that's some of it!!!!!

Do you work well without people breathing down your neck?

How was your Monday?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Classic avoidance tactics

First of all, happy birthday to lovely Mandy!

Hope the weather's been good enough to at least enjoy some of it outside.

Going through the starred 525 Ballito photos is doing my head in.

Well, it was by the end of yesterday. And that was only after 3 days.

So today I abandoned that project totally and instead I have
  • collaged all my instagram photos from 2013
  • printed off Jan - Sept, cut and placed in the photo album (that's when I ran out of A4 paper) (I need to go get some more and then just print off the rest but it's all ready in a "to print" folder)
  • selected, printed and written up my January Project Life and can I say how happy I am with Honey and Sunshine (I only bought filler cards). The colour is making me so happy!

All in all, a good day's work.

But now I need to quickly pack some lunch and get myself to sleep!

Have you been using avoidance tactics too?

PS remember this week if you see a post, consider it a miracle as I'm travelling. Chat to you all next weekend!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some reading for the weekend

Friends, some of these links are from last year because I've been saving them forever....even though I haven't posted any!

Since we talk a lot about friendship on this blog, this is a good litmus test

I love this post about designing your life. Sometimes it's the small things.

This one on marriage gets quite heated in the comments. However, I agree with the post.

I love, love, LOVE this idea to keep your word of the year top of mind.

Ronnie's making over her life. I could add about 5 things from her list to my goals list :)

Which was your favourite link?

Is there a link you think I absolutely should read this weekend? Leave it in the comments.

Friday, February 21, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Weird friends space 3


So I checked back and I don't think I told you this story.

I'd made a friend through work and we even went to their house once.

I set up a few additional meetings for this person to possibly get some work from our company on a freelance basis.

Nothing eventually came of it because we stopped outsourcing this particular type of work.

However, we had used this person's services in my old team and actually paid for work still to be delivered.

When I handed over the stuff I was working on before moving to the new team, I worked with another guy to follow up on that work. Nice, friendly, nothing funny.

This person then responded in a very unusual way and said they didn't feel they could do this work anymore and please to appoint someone else.

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but alarm bells.

My ex-boss mailed me and asked if I knew what was going on. I said that it felt like it was this "possible work" story that didn't pan out but surely not?

Well, she made some other enquiries through another person who phoned and found that it was the reason.

Anyway, life (and business goes on.

But then...

I got unfollowed on instagram and other social media which really hurt me.

What does Mr Trump say?

"It's not personal; it's business"

Well, apparently not.

I really tried hard. Send card for new baby (proper card, in the mail!). Kept commenting (nicely) on both of their social media feeds.


Now I see a Lin.ked In request!!!!

What in the heck?

I really want to let my flesh react and just ignore it but I know I'll probably accept but maybe add a little message that's friendly but still clear about being ignored for a whole year.

What do you think?
Any weird friend business going on with you?

PS My friend Beth (who is not a weird friend) has the anniversary of her son's murder on Monday. Please will you cover her and the family in prayer. We chatted yesterday and she said she's really glad the snow's melting (the body was discovered in the snow that year) but she knows this weekend and Monday will be really hard. Thanks guys!

PPS I have THREE friendship dates next week - I can't WAIT :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'd better start blogging about Ballito

but before I do, let me just add that I'm going to be a bit scarce for the next 2.5 weeks.

1) work is a nightmare
2) I'm travelling (that's actually the least of my work worries)
3) any time I have I need to either play with the kids, teach at church (this is a PLEASURE!), blog in advance for my organising blog or sort out my house which is a mess (I've got so much stuff out that I've taken over the dining room table for the photo printer and laptop).

Speaking of house, I ordered a bed yesterday. Spendy McSpenderson. It arrives tomorrow.

Okay, Ballito.

Is it obnoxious to say I'm about ready for another holiday already?!

On every single walk the kids would collect beads on the boardwalk. I kept saying, "we're at the BEACH!!!! Look THERE!!!!" but no, they wanted to look down and collect beads (they also called the pellets from the pellet guns "beads")

What would I do without this child? She fills my love tank daily :)

Kendra with her beach hair

I bought that nail polish at the Dbn Airport's Woolies ("Paint")

I just LOVE these clouds

yay, my hair is now sorted. I paid a great deal of money on Saturday to tame the mane!

"how dare you take a photo when I'm busy crying?!"

this one is one of my absolute favourites!
Which is your favourite?
How's your week been?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday's bits and bobs, sleep and apps to track annual goals

This week at work it's our annual conference (postponed from last year due to internal structural changes).

I felt immensely sad yesterday because I feel like I can't immerse myself fully in these things (as I would have before...). Also, no surprise but I actually have work (lots of it) I'm supposed to be doing between sessions. Yes...

But today was great. In this morning's session, I actually started crying and had to blink blink blink to not let the tears actually spill.

I need to bring my whole self to work again, not leave 70% of me in the basement when I park my car. And I literally do that - I switch off the car, leave the praise and worship playing and pray, give myself a pep talk and almost put on my work armour before exiting, getting my laptop bag and wheeling it up to my desk.

I am who I am and I need to stop feeling less than.

So we'll see. But I need to be a bit more brave and hopefully the whole world won't come crashing down.

Have I mentioned I got the house wi-fi'd? Best decision ever! Why in the world did I wait so long?

I'm downloading apps like crazy....

Speaking of apps, I started using the sleep time app to track my sleep as I suspected I wasn't getting enough. I really like 8 hours a night. Which I get on the weekend as you can see.

It's one thing to switch off the computer, another to finish the "last minute" things that are somehow surprises every night (hello packing lunch!) and then to actually stop reading and SLEEP!

There's a free version which I used first (it only stores the 5 most recent nights) and then I paid R8 for the paid version so it can store ALL my data - I can't wait to see some nice trends (there's the nerdy side coming out to play).

So here's what I'm looking for - maybe my googling skills aren't up to much but I can't seem to find exactly what I want.

I want an app where I can put in my annual goals - like Read 70 books, work out 120 times, go on 25 dates with D, 12 fun family adventures, try 25 new recipes.

I seem to only find things that insist on daily or weekly/ monthly tracking.

And I really don't like having to input a whole story before it lets you track. I literally want to type those little sentences above...

I've downloaded about 6 - 8 and deleted them all (I don't like clutter on my phone... except photo clutter :)). Some I even paid for but I don't mind these small amounts - my goals are more important than R8/ R16.

Do any of you use a goals app that you can recommend?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

This week's iphone photo dump and Project Instagram

Clockwise from left to right:

  1. Monday's outfit
  2. Horrible mosquito bites
  3. Tuesday's outfit
  4. Outside the pause area
  5. Gautrain station
  6. Office I worked at W - F
  7. Famous whiteboards
  8. Wednesday's outfit
  9. The bookcase I intended to tackle this afternoon til I saw the state of the kids' cupboards (and once I see a mess, I can't unsee it)
  10. Leaving Pta one day
  11. Bedtime stories
  12. Tomatoes that tasted as good as they looked
  13. Valentine's clothes for school and little presents for the kids
  14. Kendra is a monkey. She climbs up to get her own water (apparently we're too slow)
  15. Gorgeous day yesterday
  16. Colouring in at kids' church this morning
Do the mosquitos eat you too? I'm the only one here who gets bitten so badly.

The lovely folks brought me another Epson printer to try out. Since I'm up to date (well aside from this year), I decided to first start with last year's instagrams.

I have this bright idea to print out about instagrams on A4 and then cut them down to the normal 10 X 15 so I can still put them in a normal photo album.

So I'm messing around in Picasa trying to get the right number of photos so when I cut them up they still look good.

(the program says I have 881 photos - can that be? I'm going to have to whittle those down!)

Did anyone ever figure out a good (cheap) way to print their Instagrams?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slight photo overwhelm and Ballito photo goals

I've just finished editing (deleting, slight cropping, slight colour adjusting) all the Ballito photos.

All 3712 of them.

These were also the last photos taken in January with the big camera because...
  1. I went straight back to work
  2. I automatically stop taking photos when there are too many in backlog
  3. there was some dust in my camera

Jeanette told me where to take my camera so my MIL collected it on the Thursday when she visited the kids, took it in on the Sat morning and I had it back on the Sunday.

I felt quite lost without it!

isn't this light gorgeous?!
Some photo stats...

I took 3712 photos, deleted 2020 and am left with 1692, which is 45.6%. 518 of those photos I like very much and are "starred" in Picasa. I averaged 412 photos a day...besides iphone photos.

And I'm supposed to narrow down those 518 to have only 100 for my holiday photo album!

My goal is to keep less than 50% of ALL photos I take.

(I get really excited when I can easily delete most of them)

I started this little project last year and I'm pleased to say I only kept 46.2%.

Last year I took 21718 and I ended up with 10025.

If I were OCD or a perfectionist (!), those 25 would bother me and I'd go back and see how to delete an additional 25 but life's too short for perfectionism :)

To round up my Ballito photo goals...
  1. I went on 10 photo walks with the big camera and 1 with just my iphone. (I was aiming for 6)
  2. I have more than 5 nice family photos I was aiming for
  3. I have photos of each of the kids, both of them together, D and the kids, and M and the kids. Happiness!
  4. And I took a couple of interesting (to me) photos.
I also took some stealthy shots of other people while there. Like this...

This "kerfuffle" also happened against my gorgeous grey wall

I'll have to show you all of those in a separate post because they tie into my photo goals for the year.

Do you have any weird photo-taking or editing habits?
What are your photo goals for the year?

I'm getting very worried

I didn't tell you but I interviewed for a position (the one I was short listed for from December ) last Tuesday.

They told me I'd have an answer by last Friday.

Followed up and they hadn't made a decision yet.

After chatting to Beth on Thursday night, I emailed on Friday to chase up and....

Then only did she tell me my application was unsuccessful. On the bright side, the reasons given were things that the job spec didn't highlight as super critical but i f those are such a crucial part (data analytics - ugh) then I'm happy I didn't get it.

I will respond to that mail next week to ask if the idea of the job shifted after the spec was issued but it's over.

Seriously, I'm worried. Am I ever going to get something else EVER again that suits me????

I sent a mail to another manager to first chat about another position that's available before I apply...

How was your Friday???

 This was my office in PTA :) and the lovely people!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, trains and no cheese

So I see that my US friends on the east are battling with all that snow!!!

Seriously, it looks so gorgeous!

And I'd really not mind being snowed in for about 3 - 4 days to catch up on lazing and house stuff.

It's obviously blazing hot over here and I've been eternally grateful for airconned offices.

Especially since I've been working in Pta for 2 days now. Tomorrow will be my 3rd and final day.

It's been great. I'm obviously still under all the work pressures but you have NO IDEA how divine it is to work with nice people and just work.... and not have a micromanager on your back every two minutes.

I've done really good work and will finish it all off tomorrow.

The Gautrain has been... interesting. I discovered we are a lot more like the British than I thought... as in nobody talking to one another, etc. People looked at me like I'm supposed to know all the ins and outs when I asked them a question.

I have enjoyed reading my ipad (Happier at Home, if you must know) on the train so yesterday got in 30 mins on the way home, and today an hour total.

Best of all, I feel like I've conquered the world. I really hate a long commute (why do you think I have "within 30 mins from home" on all my prayer lists?!) and now I know I can get up an hour earlier (still later than you, Louisa!) and be at work (in PTA!) by 8. Madness but I can do it.

Just because I wrote something positive doesn't mean anything's changed. Keep praying for me. thanks :)

Tonight I googled "non-cheesy Valentine's for husbands" and there was nothing. I actually googled the same thing the other day on Pinterest and there's not much of the non-cheesy variety.

So I'm going to have to be creative!

I may or may not share, depending on the success of whatever I come up with :)

Are you enjoying your weather?

I'm ready for a bit of cooler weather....D reminded me that this is officially the last month of summer...

PS Louisa and any other single parents reading, I see you :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh, yes, Valentine's

So what are you guys doing for Valentine's?

The kids are wearing red and white to school, taking their teachers gifts and receiving gifts from their loving mother.

Other than that, there's work and more work.

I'm not a schmaltzy person who likes the flowers and chocolates, etc. but I do want to do something fun for all of us (no babysitters due to Bruce and Bryan!).


What are you doing on Friday?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The children, a cat and consequences of the natural kind

It's been two weeks of school for my kids and I'm so happy to say there has been no crying for definitely this week, last week and I think even the Friday of the first week.

Guess what they're doing these days?

Practising for sports day!

We HATE sports so are kind-of dreading it. I just hope it's warmer than it was last year.

But let's talk about this other thing first.

Julia and I were emailing about some things today that made me remember I've wanted to talk about something with you.

I'm a big believer in natural consequences because I honestly think we all (me very definitely included) baby our kids far too much and they're going to grow up "soft".

I don't think I told you this but last year I instituted a system where Nanny S would collect them from school on a Friday WITH a plastic folder to fetch their artwork so that we didn't have to remember one more thing on the weekend that had to go back to school.

After a few weeks like this, the school phoned me and asked me about it.


So I told them my motivation - that I have enough to do and that's why this is one thing we can do there and then to remember it.

The principal told me that they want the kids to bring it home so that THEY can remember to bring it back. I said, "oh mine won't remember" and she said, "that's fine. it's not your job to remember for them". (BTW, this kind of hardcore-ness is part of what attracted me to the school initially)

I was quite taken aback because I agree... but they seemed kind-of small to be doing all this remembering and responsibility business.

But I remembered my love languages training with Carol, and how she always says that kids can do more than what we think they can do.

So I checked my understanding and said, "so if they forget their folders, you're not going to leave me notes every day?" (I hate the darn notes!!!)

No, she said.



I loved it because hey, the sooner we get them feeling responsibility for their own things, the better.

Anyway, true as Bob (do you say this?), the kids did forget for a few weeks but then started remembering to remove their art and place their folders next to their bags in a little storage bin I have next to the door.


I have NEVER said, "don't forget your folders".


Which reminds me of my one work friend, K, who is VERRRRY hard core. I joke and say that when I grow up, I want to be a parent like she is.

E.g. All 3 her kids did music lessons at one point. She didn't have the au pair at that point but in our old team (OH how I miss them) we could just leave and come back as we wanted. So she told the boys to be at a certain place at the school for pick-up at 2.45 sharp. She had to fetch them and take them to the music school for their 3 pm lesson.

Well, 2 out of 3 boys were waiting. The 3rd is a bit of a dreamer :) and didn't pitch after 5 mins so she left.

He missed the lesson and when she fetched him eventually, she told him, "L, you owe me R110 for that music lesson".

He was all "but I don't have money...." and she said, "I don't care. I paid for that lesson, you were not ready and missed it, and there are no refunds, so I want my money back".

He had to wash their cars for a few weeks to earn the money back.

And... he never missed a lesson again.


Do you?

However, here is the rub.

I'm very frugal. Would I actually stick to it when (considerable) money was involved?

The kids are taking swimming lessons and it is a lot of money for 30 minutes, or 25 once all the "I need to pee. Yes, me too." business is over.

We'll see.... will I let them miss more of their lesson for faffing around?

Julia and I were talking about what that line looks like between letting consequences happen and your child maybe failing something, or getting 0 for an assignment, etc.

I don't know if I'll be able to stick with it (I'm a bit of an achiever :)) but I realise I may have to once or twice early on, let natural consequences take its course and see if they learn.

Also, the (not so) small matter of grace. God extends His grace to me every day; surely I should do so sometimes for them?

By the way, the kids also have to take something to school every week for the theme table.

I make the announcement ONCE and brainstorm with them. Then they have to go fetch the things and put it ready.

This week Kendra listened immediately (rare!) and went to get the book. Connor just ignored me and carried on with whatever he was doing (much more the norm). However, on Monday morning, Connor went, "MUMMY! we forgot to get that photo".

I said, "not WE, YOU!" but since it was just a walk past the photo album to slip a photo out, I did it.

I figured that technically he did remember in time since we were still in the house :)

Do you believe in letting natural consequences run their course?
Share some examples with me.

PS I love playing with words to find three that start with the same letter to make my blog titles interesting.

Monday, February 10, 2014

{Project 25 recipes} Salted apple and cucumber salad

We went to The Wo.lf as a team early in Jan.

It's a burger place (DIVINE!) and you can choose any sides to go with your burger.

(I had a bacon and avo burger, with a salty apple and cucumber salad side).

Well, it was delicious and refreshing!

And it felt healthy and different.

So I recreated it when we were in Ballito.

Chop up about equal amounts of cucumber and Granny Smith apples. I did one towards the end of the holiday with Golden Delicious apples - don't bother.... it's got to be nice and tart for the flavours to combine properly.

The bowl pictured above is very deep so I could do enough for all of us in the one bowl.

I added a spice called smoky barbeque spice (found at Pick and Pay - you all know of my deep and abiding love for P&P) (but plain old salt and pepper will do just nicely) and two tablespoons of ... again, P&P's Greek vinaigrette.


I had this salad probably 8 of our 10 days there.

Try it and let me know what you think.

Have you made anything new for the year? Please share in the comments.

This is recipe number two for this year. Here's number one.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I haven't done this for awhile

I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm teaching a course at the church.

It's to train people to be able to sit with a church member and help them to discover their passion, gifts and personal style. As you can guess, right up my alley.

In fact, I ran that ministry for 6 years and it was the best 6 ministry years of my Christian life :) The course is 5 weeks long and if I wasn't in this current role, I'd jump back in!

I started this little series last year and checking my archives, I only did 8 posts.

Oh well, time to start again.

They didn't prove very popular but I liked being able to find some things I really liked reading, so I'm at it again.

With that said, here's some reading for a Sunday night:

Here's the engagement shoot and here's the wedding - these are my absolute favourite photoshoots ever!

This post made me laugh although school choices are not actually a laughing matter and a topic I totally avoid talking about.

I think I could never do this... but I kind-of have, with work clothes.

I 100% agree with this entire post on slowing down. It shouldn't surprise me since she's an ESTJ like me and a blog friend.

A really good reminder in our "documenting every moment" current reality. This is a new blog to me and I LOVE her heart!

Which is your favourite link?

PS Do you ever get the Sunday night blues? I do. And then it's a vicious spiral of denial, staying up too late, realising one more thing at 11:30, reading til 12:30 and a rushed Monday morning. hmmm.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Grab a cup of tea - we've got some catching up to do

I feel like I haven't spoken to you guys for ages. I'm on a project again which means flat-out work and this time I'm doing lots of travel too so there's added pressure.

1. I'll be in CT for 4 nights/ 3 days soonish, EL and a few other places in the sticks.

And this week I'm travelling in and out to Pta every day (kill me now!) but hopefully the people will be great and I'll get what I need quickly so I can get home at a decent hour.

(I'm actually in denial about next week... I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to be there and work for the 8 daily hours, or whether some of that is included in the additional travel)

2. I interviewed for a job and was supposed to get the answer on Friday. Still nothing. I'm so tired of all this. Remaining positive is hard work and survival makes me want to retreat and shrink back. So I ordered my shine necklace the other night to remind me to keep stepping out and shining.

3. About the little white pills. I took one on 18 Dec and needed nothing for 46 days til this Tues. I'm ready to not have to use meds to manage this but for now, I have to have that "wall" between me and the situation.

4. So the old boss has moved into his new job and not much has changed. I didn't expect it to though which is good because I don't have unmatched expectations.

5. Anyway, it's Valentine's on Friday. What are you up to? I spent this afternoon getting things ready and if I say so myself, everything looks very cute. I'll share those photos in the next couple of weeks (I'm on the 4th last day of holiday editing now - only 1997 photos to go...)


I looked back on the blog and I see I didn't post any of my 2014 goals.

Well, you all know what goal number 1 is so we won't go there.

I also mentioned that my birthday's in 6 months so I need to start looking at that list too. I want to do something wild bu sttill me. To be honest, I think people wouldn't even be open to it and the thing would flop. So that makes me feel like I need to "play smaller" or "do my own thing" (overseas trip!).

I told Caren who has a birthday two months before mine that I either want to go ziplining with friends, go stay in Ballito for a week with friends (everyone in their own apartment - have I mentioned I like my own space?!) or do the overseas trip. Just for the record, if a friend asked if I was keen on doing a weekend away, I'm all there

Do any of you read the incourage blog? The writers all go away now and again for a time at the beach. I would love that - a big house... connecting with good food :)

Basically I have a ton of things I want to do in and on the house this year on my list - we've bought a new kitchen table which I LOVE, I got the house wi-fi'd and I can't believe the difference in my life (I could live on the internet now things are so quick and easy), and the carpets in the 3 bedrooms were replaced.

Next up is the ugly area around the pool, I also want a "deck" in the back so I can enjoy the year-round sun and I finally want these interior walls (not the bedrooms) painted just the right shade of grey. ha! And of course, constant decluttering. Is there anyone local who wants a mail sorter (the type that hangs on the wall)? I got one as a gift for Christmas 2012 but have never used it, nor will I use it (I toss paper as quickly as it comes in). It's yours for free when we next see each other/ you collect. Email me - I'll send you a pic.

I should also post photos of the books I'm finishing and want to get rid of. Free to a good home if you'll pay postage :)

I also have a TON of books I want to read this year. I've finished book number 10 for the year already. I had 7 fiction books left on my physical bookshelf - am about to start number 3, so those need to be knocked off the list, and then I want to start in on the non-fictions...

I love my Kindle but I will say there's nothing like taking a photo of a "proper" book on your bedside table instead of this...

Last month I got 91% of my goals achieved which is great.

This month I'll share just a few with you:

(I'm starting to feel weird in this space again like I don't want to share completely since I feel like I'm not getting the same openness back. I'm aware this could be real or imagined)

  1. Join Weigh-Less - I joined last week and this week I'd lost a kilo. YAY.
  2. I set an annual exercise goal of 120 workouts - I'm at 17 so far.
  3. Lots of blog tidying up happening this month on all 3 my blogs
  4. Photo organising - complete January!
  5. Get Ballito photos decided on for holiday album (I'm so glad I bought all the same blue albums they had a few years ago. I have one each for 2014 and 2015 holidays, and then I will have to rethink things unless I spy any more of them)
  6. Decide on next holiday....

Care to share any of your goals for Feb?

PS I asked on Billy Joel's page when he's next coming to SA :)

Friday, February 07, 2014

{Friendship Friday} 4 and a half

For the last two years I've gone low-key with the half birthdays. 

I still like to mark the occasion but I've only invited the other twins. Last year there were three sets plus husbands so it was great!

This year Caren was still on holiday and I decided that it was exactly how it was meant to be.

And it was.

 Roz and the girls were over and we all had a lovely time. These 4 always play together really nicely - maybe because Connor and E, and Kendra and H are of similar temperaments.

I don't know what it is, but we're not arguing about it. We just like that they get on so we can talk :)

at one point all their legs were up on the chairs but of course, in trying to re-create it, it was a huge flop.

"hug your sister"

the half cake

Roz says her favourite photo of us! That's a new dress. I haven't bought dresses for 5 years and I now have two - this one and one with orange stripes.
Do you know what this means?

Only 5 months to plan think about their party!

I'm not even joking.

I already know the theme and we are definitely having it at home. I don't care if my house is a mess. I'll get Nanny S in and pay her the overtime, and it will still be a fraction of the venue cost not to mention the main thing - I can set up days before to my heart's content!

It's going to be easy because this year I'm acknowledging that I have winter babies and actually doing an inside party.

How far in advance do you start party planning?


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