Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The "berg"

Well, the drive down was longer than expected due to stops, lunch breaks and a spot of shopping for groceries.

As can be expected with kids.....

D took the kids to play putt-putt while I'm using the free wifi to get rid of the last few work emails and complete a staff satisfaction survey (I know!!!).

It is stunningly beautiful here and I've taken a lot of photos already yet we still haven't done a proper photo walk. 

That will happen this afternoon. 

I read a book on the way down, MANY Kindle samples and another book yesterday so things are going well. 

Kids just arrived so we're off to lunch ;)

How has your week been so far?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

19 years today

Well, wow.

D and I are married for 19 years today. Feels like just yesterday :)

Except I think we look better now, besides being "heavier", of course.

He deserves a gold medal for all his support over the last 13 months because he's been a rock.

I can't tell you how many HOURS I've cried over this last year. More than in the last 18 years combined. No joke!

Anyway, I love him dearly, he's the best father and I'm so glad he came to ask me to dance for him 22 years ago.... and that I turned him down because that started the friendship :)

I even made him a gold medal!

Here's to the next 19!

(I think it's corny to write a dedication to someone who doesn't read the blog/ FB/ etc.)

Monday, April 28, 2014


Epson workshop #EpsonDY

So I was invited to a photography workshop with Epson on the 2nd April. I didn't even think twice before saying yes except to check the date because it was JUST what I needed - some me time after the work stuff going on.

The workshop was held just around the corner from our office in the most stunning surroundings. Just GORGEOUS.

Beautiful building, a view that stretched on and on..... and the yummiest food :)

When I arrived, I did think they'd made a mistake inviting me when I saw all these MEDIA people but I was to busy enjoying myself to dwell on that for very long.

The lovely Michelle from Rooi Rose

Mzanzi Girl's legs :)

Mail and Guardian journalist, Gareth Pon with a gazillion followers on IG, and a laughing Mzanzi Girl. She is sooo fun and full of life.


the four photos I chose to be judged
From here on down, all photos with my iphone.

I also liked this one very much but it's portrait, and the rules were landscape

I loved the workshop and best of all, getting a chance to just walk around and PLAY.

Don't you agree we have the best sunsets in Jhb?
When was the last time you had me time?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

So this was a good weekend

Wow, it's amazing how different I feel... already.

I feel so much lighter!

Anyway, what made this a good weekend?

1. Last day at the old job! Laptop and access disc handed in. Done!

2. I met with my financial advisor on Friday afternoon and the news was very good. Basically, had I spoken to her sooner, I could (technically) have resigned earlier. But I do know I needed to be "ready" emotionally.

Bottom line - I have a much bigger buffer than I thought I had. WOOHOO.

(I need to write about that though because is it my type of personality that doesn't actually want to dig into that buffer even though it's exactly what I planned to do with it? Hmmm)

3. And then... Air Supply!

OH MAN, the concert was fabulous.

They were both so gracious to the audience and just wonderful entertainment. And best? I actually knew all but 2 songs.

Whenever I go to concerts, I always look around, wondering if I actually fall part of the demographic and... nope. There were a few under 40s, but the majority of the audience was older :)

I don't care one bit - I loved it!

4. Last night I had supper with my twin mother friends. Jeepers but it really is winter, especially at night. It was COLD!

And it's only April.

We had a great time catching up as we always do but we need to start planning the next meeting at the current one, don't you agree?

5. My MIL brought my lens around this afternoon.

Just in time as we leave tomorrow morning on holiday and how can you go on holiday without your kit lens?

Well, I can't. I still use my kit lens about 95% of the time.

I need to edit last weekend's photos; I'm so keen to see what they look like because I felt like my one arm was cut off due to being restricted to the zoom and the 50 mm lenses.

My MIL also asked about the kids' party.................. and I told her what we're doing. I've started shopping for it a bit already. (Nothing like finding out you have more money than you thought you did to bring out the shopaholic - don't worry, I'm still very frugal in my shopping)

That will provide a bit of fun as I navigate next steps.

How was your weekend?

PS So I'm not sure of the iburst coverage where we're going and I'm definitely not stressing about a blog post this week, so if you hear from me, lovely; if not, know that I'm reading a lot and chasing the kids with my camera :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

K's party... and making an infinity scarf

This was going to be the last "summer" party even though it's technically in autumn, but then we went to another last weekend when the weather was also good.

It's throwing me off since I've already LONG since packed my cupboards so my winter things are more accessible.

my two next to the birthday girl

fun feet :)

So Kendra's been going through this stage where she wants to be exactly like me (for the last year). She LOVES my nail polish, scarves, and when I also dress in the same colours, she loves it.

On the spur of the moment, I asked her if she wanted an infinity scarf like mine.

I snipped here and there, stretched it and presented it to her. SHE LOVES THIS SCARF.

And that's why she's looking so happy in the photo with me.

Small things :)

The next time I made a scarf like that I also cut a thin sliver of material to hide the seam but she removed it because she likes it "just like that".

Okay then.


Also, do you realise it's nearly two months to the kids' birthday?

Time to start planning a party!

How soon in advance do you plan?

Friday, April 25, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Friend dates in the CBD

When I resigned and we discussed my last project timelines, I knew I had to see Louisa before I left the CBD for maybe the last time.

(and watch that come back to bite me in the bum)

We made the plan and I was determined to not move or miss it. So easy to get derailed when on a project.

Well, I couldn't remember what the place was called but I thought we both were talking about the same place when we decided on a venue.

So.... I left enough time to get to the place I thought we were meeting at.

Walked in, said (loud), "OH NO!" and the waiter said, "what's wrong?"

I said, "I'm meeting a friend and she's not here so it must mean I'm in the wrong place".

And so we whatsupped, phoned and what-not... but eventually we found each other.


isn't this reflection cool?

Louisa talked straight to me as only she can do - oh, how I love it!

I was 10 minutes late back but she is oh SO worth it :)

Thanks again for a great lunch, Louisa!

When is your next friend date? (mine's tomorrow!)

PS I posted this photo on IG/ FB and Louisa's friends really seemed to like my comment :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

1 day left

and I can't wait.

I spent a full 8 hours working today... from home....on my 2nd last day.

Man, I can't wait to be done with this business.

So now I just have to survive one more day and graciously navigate the good-byes.


I'm already so much better but I honestly can't wait to feel FREE like this again.

How has your week been?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Wordless Wednesday} Dreaming of warm Ballito weather

What's that saying? If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, then the mountain must go to Mohammed.

Well, we schlepped rain boots and umbrellas to Ballito so I decided that it didn't actually have to rain for us to use them.

Kendra, my partner in crime, was game so off we went.

(the boys joined much later)

I love this one of the two of us.

Which are your favourites?

To see all the Ballito photos in order, check out the kids' blog.


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