Sunday, August 31, 2014

I couldn't wait to cancel!

I went to chat to both of the red cell phone providers the other day because my contract expires on the 7 th.

I only briefly considered getting the iPhone 5 but actually, I'm still really happy with my 4s.

Why waste money when you don't have to?!

And truthfully this picture is why I can't wait to move from my current provider. Not only does my phone go straight to voicemail about 95% of the time because there's no reception but this is what happens when I try and use the internet. 

So I'm going to take a normal contract without a handset and if I feel I need one later (or D decides he wants an iPhone) then we'll take out another contract and port my number. 

This is my major little project for the week and I'm going to save R200 a month. Yay. 

Shall we talk cell phone bills quickly? 

I spend R330 pm and in the two years I've gone over only twice, both months when I was on holiday and didn't have access to my wonderful wi-fi at home/ work.

The new contract is R149 pm with 75 mins, 200 SMS and 1.2 GB (I had 50 mins, 50 SMS and 250 MB before.... And it was always fine).

What do you spend?

Ps tomorrow I'll have to catch up with my instagramming and again, hopefully this post publishes...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Snapshot Saturday - Blue!

Heads-up - my bandwidth is out for the month (this post might not publish) and I'm too cheap to pay exorbitant rates for a bandwidth buster. So there'll probably be no post tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

I can't resist this car!

isn't my friend's hair gorgeous?!

Which is your favourite blue pic?

Friday, August 29, 2014

How I celebrated my 40th birthday in 10 easy steps

Okay, that's a little bit simplistic but I want to (try) keep things short and to the point.

1. I agonised about inviting friends.

name tags made with Artsyville washi tape

2. I ordered food from a caterer. For those who are interested, chicken biryani. YUM! My favourite meal :) And cakes from Pick and Pay. You guys, this business of fancy cakes is way overrated. One cake at PnP = R45. Boom!

one of the three tables (this one had the best light :))

3. I decided on a blue/ green theme. This was the fun part.

Same way as with the kids' party when I went around the house pulling all green, yellow and brown items, I did the same thing and went around the house pulling all the blue and green things together.

4. I spent a lot of time on party favours. I know it's not necessary but it's my thing, okay? I knew that everybody who turned up would be very special friends and I wanted to honour them, so I put together a (very nice) party bag with 3 of my favourite things (can you guess what those are?) plus a hand-written and individual thank-you card.

5. I had a guest book. The same one I started at my 30th and promptly forgot about for the last 10 years. I love this idea because I love love LOVE reading what people wrote (as you know, cards are a dying art form but this friend wrote me the most beautiful card ever). Thanks Caren!

6. I think everyone had a good time. I certainly did. My one friend (this one below) sent me the longest, best SMS ever saying what a lovely, diverse group of friends I have and it was SO interesting talking to them.

7. I only took photos when Caren reminded me to do so :) which means I was in the moment and very present. Then I whipped around with my camera.

Mrs FF took lots of pics - probably more than I did!

8. There were lots of presents and two gift vouchers! I must tell you, I also received a pair of pyjamas which I've been LIVING in ever since we returned from Ballito.

 9. I remembered right at the end to ask D to take photos of me with the kids, and then Connor and I went on a photo walk. That night I hit 10 000 steps :)

10. Of course I celebrated my actual birthday in Ballito. Best decision ever. I thoroughly recommend it. Being right at the beach is so restorative!

My mother was with me on my birthday for the first time since I was 17........... yes, that's a long time, so that was very special. Incidentally, I realised when my father phoned that he still calls me "Poppet". I had a moment when I was thinking, "Really? Should a 40-year-old woman still be called poppet?" but it's so fun and always makes me smile, so I guess it's a yes. What does your father call you?

All in all, a great birthday!

And thank you all again for all the birthday wishes and unexpected presents!!!!

I was/ am very blessed.

This was my word for the day on the 6th.

Here is your word for today:

Verse:       Isaiah 26:1

In that day, everyone in the land will sing this song: 'Our city is strong! We are surrounded by the walls of God's salvation.'

- God's plan for you is that you would know His strength in your life.
- He wants to bring you to this place.
- It's a place where you know that you are surrounded by Him.
- May you be strong, knowing that He surrounds you with salvation!

PRAYER: Lord, I pray that You will bring me to that place where I know that You have strengthened me and surrounded me with the hope that only comes from You. Amen.

Thank you, I receive that!


Next year, I'm going back to small lunches again! Otherwise, ONE very big celebration like a holiday :) (this is how it starts)

I can honestly say I have absolutely NO issues with being 40. None.

What is the alternative? Death?

I'm grateful for a healthy body that can dance and put 16-year-olds to shame (although it takes me longer to recover but shhh, they don't know that), that does whatever I need it to do, that can go on photowalks to see God's amazing beauty and that can chase my kids around in the garden til they squeal with delight.

I praise you, Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made Ps 139:14
Do you have issues with ageing?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mr Quality Time


Do you have a quality time child?

Connor is my quality time child and we spend a lot of time together, going on walks, taking photos, just being together. I can visibly see the difference in him since I've been home.

He's calm, pleasant, loving and not at all needy... with me.

But they need time with both parents. So he is a bit crazy when D gets home.

Again, different child when I take Kendra to do something "girly" so the boys can spend time together.

This love languages stuff is AMAZING.

I'm offering workshops and private consults if anyone (anywhere in the world) is interested. Let me know.

i love this kissing pic!
What are your kids' love languages?

PS Kendra's main one is physical touch. If you've visited me recently and had the pleasure of all her hugs, you'll know that!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm craving Mexican food!

I'd heard of this place for a few years now and wanted to try it.

When D said that he'd had a promotion and asked where we should go to celebrate, I mentioned this place and he was totally on board because he says I'm normally boring with food (it's true!).

So off we went to Cafe Mex.icho in Melville. We had a lovely waiter and I loved the grittiness of the place, but the food was just okay. Even the Spur's burritos are better (does Spur still do burritos?).

I put this one in for my American friends. (I'm always interested in the roads, signs and so on, and I figure other people are too?)

my favourite pic - I love it and him!

red on red!

my burrito - okay, but nothing to write home about

we popped over the road for pancakes. Do you know what they told us? The pancake batter is done for the day! Also, THAT CAR!!!!! (I only sneaked two but really, I wanted to take TONS from other angles too)

so all we had was tea/ a latter for D

we stopped in at Showtime Video (D's favourite movie rental place in Jhb - seriously, he drives 15 km to get here when there are places 500 m from our house)

this is the place with the rose petals!

I still love this pic - who knew that grey and orange go so well together
So... is there any place in Jhb with GREAT Mexican food? And who is keen to meet up there?

Which is your favourite pic?

PS I'm trying a new thing - to put no more than 10 pics in a blog post. Sadly, I failed here but I had 24 starred so this is good for me!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

School uniforms/ school clothes for kids


I must tell you guys, I can't WAIT for the kids to wear school uniforms next year.

They'll wear golf shirts and shorts in summer (I assume with takkies?), and tracksuits in winter. In grade 1, they wear the proper school uniform (I can't wait for the cute little dresses!)

We'll have to get two of each uniform for each kid - the principal told us it will cost over R3000.

I still say, UNIFORMS for the win! 

No more fighting about clothes in the morning

No more of me setting out clothes the night before

No more thinking if this is going to be warm enough or if they'll be too cold.

No more "I want to wear my ______ top, not this one"

No more WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH like you're killing them if you dare suggest that they wear a sweatshirt in 17 degree weather

No more!

look at Kendra's jeans!
R3000 will be absolutely worth it.

Also, I may finally be the mother (Se7en!) who only has two outfits per kid per season. I can't WAIT!

I suspect we will have a few more than that though because of "afternoon clothes". My friend Nat has a SMALL pile of clothes per kid (less than what we take on holiday) - seriously very impressive.

I know the Americans can wear anything to school and I used to think that was a nice idea but I actually love having one less little thing to fight about with the kids.

When the weather changed, everything was suddenly "uncomfortable", I think because of the long vest, long-sleeved top and sweatshirt.

Oh, the tantrums.

Connor actually JUMPED out of bed the other day when he saw me take a short-sleeved t-shirt out for him to wear.

I must admit, it's very cute to see baby arms again on the two of them.

But not worth the tantrums over nonsense like clothes!

(we've tried having the kids choose - they happily choose but if they're not feeling "said shirt" the next morning, that's it - negotiate til you're blue in the face)

I have said (after reading a parenting book the other day), "you're going to school NOW. Clothes or pyjamas - your choice" and that worked a little bit better.

Do you have clothes fights in the mornings?

What do you do to prevent it?
Who's excited about uniforms? :)

PS these pics were taken on their actual 5th birthday!


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