Sunday, March 16, 2008


this year we decided to take some action and go see someone else to get a proper opinion of the situation once and for all.

after discussing with my friend, and also explaining the type of person I'm looking for (straightforward, open and to the point), my friend told me to go to her (expensive) clinic, even if just to get the initial consults.

so that's what I did.

I phoned around mid-Jan and only got an appointment on 20 Feb.

In preparation, we had to complete a 9-page document (!) and get any and all copies of our files at the gynae and the other place.

So we got there and immediately I liked the new guy, Dr G.

He went through the file in detail, asking questions here and there to clarify things.

Then he examined me with THE PROBE (disgusting and horrible) and a normal internal. I really HATE those things.

Immediately afterwards, we had to both go get blood tests and then I had to go back on day 2 and 3 of my next period for more blood tests.

DH had to get another sperm test and I had to have an HSG x-ray. I was naive in not googling it because it was SOOOO horrible and sore. On the bright side, maybe it was good I didn't google it because I probably would have been scared off.

When I asked my friend why she didn't tell me it was so horrible, she says hers wasn't bad. So I said, well then that probably means something ELSE is wrong!!! Oy!

Anyway, long story short means that the follow-up consult after the 4 blood tests, sperm test and HSG x-ray is this Thursday when we finally get THE VERDICT.


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