Friday, January 29, 2010

Elton John

There are some people on my life list that I have to see in concert.

One of those was Rod Stewart. We all know how wonderful that concert was.

The other two are Elton John and Billy Joel. I was too slow a couple of years ago when Billy Joel graced our shores as tickets sold out very quickly.

So imagine my excitement when I hear on the radio that Elton's coming to Joburg in March.

I rushed out to get a Greatest Hits compilation (does anyone else do this? I just feel it adds to the enjoyment when you can sing along with EVERY song. I also grabbed a Billy Joel one - I figure if I'm ready, he might just decide that he HAS to tour South Africa :)) and when I had a moment, I logged onto Computicket only to find...

The tickets cost R500 each (I think Rod Stewart was in the region of R300) which is not a big deal (I always manage to justify large expenses - but it's on my LIFE LIST!) but seating is unreserved.

Do you know what that means?

We'll have to be there for an insane amount of time to get a halfway decent seat. There are crazy people in Joburg who queue for 8 hours before concerts start.

I've never been crazy like that because I like to buy reserved seating (a chair that is all my own - as I write this I realise I'm OLD) so I can pitch up about 30 minutes before the show starts. That's much more respectable.

Now I'm torn - I obviously don't have the luxury of hours of hanging around waiting for anything and I'm not about to pay a babysitter to watch K & C for a gazillion hours.

Should I just pay and go whenever and just be happy with whatever seating? Or skip it?

I just don't know.

What would you do?

P.S. Who do you still have to see in concert?

P.P.S. Funny story - absolutely NOTHING to do with Elton John or concerts. Yesterday I was in a meeting and we're doing something with a retailer (have to be vague due to nature of work...) so they were saying how they put bins of things that don't sell at the ends of the aisles with big SALE signs and then they are able to move the stuff. In fact, it's the exact same price it's always been. All the men were like "wow!" and were horrified and I was "really now, I've known that for years." And this is why men pay a fortune for things we women know should cost a lot less!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where do your babies sleep?

Like all pregnant women we had a nursery with two cots waiting for our babies and I, knowing nothing, already had rules for the babies.

No babies in our bed and no babies sleeping in our bedroom. Ha!

South African houses are not made for the cold and our lovely, open plan house is freezing cold in winter. Sometimes we think it's warmer outside than inside :)

When Connor came home we put him in their room but we were up and down between our room and theirs the entire night worrying about him literally freezing to death. Remember he was discharged at 1,93 kg so was a tiny, tiny baby.

Eventually I just said to God, "this is Your baby; You protect him" and then I slept without worrying.

Still, the next night we broke my two rules and co-slept with him in a wedge protector thing IN OUR BED for the next 10 days. It became easier to get to him if we kept him with us – also warmer for all!

Then Kendra came home so we dashed out to buy a camp cot (some of you call it a Pack and Play) which we put IN OUR ROOM.

They happily slept like that for about 3 months. During this time Kendra would scream and Connor would sleep through it all. We were amazed at his commitment to his sleep when it seemed the whole neighbourhood woke when Kendra screamed.

One day it all changed.

Connor started waking when she screamed so we moved him to their room mainly so he could get away from Kendra's screaming. Of course they both slept better this way.

On the nights we used to have the night nanny they'd both sleep in their room, no problem. I'm sure they'd wake each other on occasion though.

Eventually they were both sleeping there quite happily until something happened.

I don't know what the something was as is usually the case with the babies. One day something's fine; the next day you'd swear we were trying to kill them.

A few weeks of this craziness - one setting the other off and then still waking for their own feeds and I thought, "oh my word, we need to buy a bigger house to separate these two permanently".

Will we never have any sleep? Will I have to give up my study? Where will all the computers, files, books go?

But we can't afford to buy another house now, not with the twin expenses. Our debt is very low - tiny bond (mortgage) and only one car so I was freaking a bit.

I really hate debt (hence the tiny bond and only the one car to still pay off) so I panic a bit at the thought of paying a big bond again (we've been in this house for 5 years, we only financed about 2/3 of the purchase price and have paid off about 60% of that already... that stopped when we needed to start paying for IVF) even though who wouldn't want a bigger nicer house?!

Somehow I like security of having spare cash more than a tight budget with a lovely big house.

But just as I was about to start calling in estate agents for valuations and so on, things settled down.

Lesson to me - always wait things out for a few weeks before panicking!

We still have the odd night where I separate the quiet one from the niggly one but those are few and far in between. BUT we have moved the camp cot to the guest bedroom now so the niggly one isn't disturbing my sleep (babies are NOISY, especially Connor).

Of course this is not a long-term solution as eventually we will have to move house when we need to move them to their own rooms. I'm hoping only when they're about 4 - 5 years old as I really, really REALLY hate moving house.

Will your house able to serve your family's needs for a long time? If you have twins, what are your plans for sharing rooms vs having their own? And if you have boy/ girl twins, when do you plan to move them to their own rooms?

P.S. the new schedule seems to be working and I'm almost too scared to write this BUT last night they only woke once! K at 12.30 (7-hour stretch) and C at 3.45 (10-hour stretch)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A question about pedicures

I've only ever had two pedicures in my life. Yes, you read that right.

I just don't like people touching my feet...

Anyway, so first one was the day after I had the babies and then I had one last month just before I went back to work.

Now here's the thing - the first one was lovely, no problems. The second one was not in the least bit pleasurable.

The lady cut my toenails too much in the corners and four of the toes on my left foot are fine but my big toe has been tingly ever since. At one point it even throbbed from the pain.

So understandably I'm a bit scared of doing anything with my toes ever again but I badly need one of those paraffin dips as my heels are disgusting from being in flip flops the entire summer in blazing hot weather. And I bought a massage/ pedicure/ facial voucher for a very good price (not from the same place!). It was worth it just for one and a half treatments.

The pedicure is booked for Friday and I think I'll feel better knowing what to expect so I can tell her, "do it like this, not like that".

How are they supposed to cut your toenails?

Also, what, if anything, would you do about the first lady?
I think my toe is damaged in some way. I used to have bruised feet from pointe work (ballet) but never problem feet. So this is actually hampering my lifestyle - toes sore when I wear closed shoes, etc.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our new feeding schedule

I've been waiting for the babies to turn 6 months so that I could get more rigid with the schedule.

Some of you are thinking, why 6 months?

I don't have a good answer, only that I'm a wuss and felt sorry for them having Military Mama for their mother.

So we've been going about a week now and here's their new * schedule:

6 am - morning bottle with vitamins (do your babies take vitamins?)

8 am - breakfast - cereal

10 am - bottle - we offer 200 ml (ever since that night when he was starving) and he takes anything from 150 ml

12 pm - lunch - fruit and yoghurt

2 pm - bottle

4 pm - veggies

6 pm - milk

That's the plan anyway and if he's awake, great. If he's sleeping, we don't EVER wake a sleeping baby and wait for him to wake first.

I'm so glad I asked the paed about their sleep times because now I don't stress if they only sleep 3 hours.

For Kendra, it's the exact same story except she goes every 3 hours between feeds and doesn't get lunch yet, only cereal and veggies. And she has a bottle of 140 ml except for her 6pm bottle when I do 175 ml as she seems to like to drink a lot before bed. Of course, she also doesn't take her entire bottle all of the time.

I got the * schedule from Sleep Sense. You'll be happy to know I finally finished Baby Sense and Sleep Sense.

(their old schedule was totally on demand - we'd feed them with milk every 3 hours and put the solids in anywhere we could find a gap)

I can't seem to find any correlation between the amount of milk they drink and the length of time they sleep. Some days they seem to have very little and yet only wake once or twice and other times they have the same amount and wake more. Very confusing so I've stopped worrying about it. I could obsess more and do spreadsheets and stuff but I'm holding myself back on purpose.

Or is this only true for my babies?

Now, for the 6-month pics.

When all these shenanigans happen while I'm trying to get a good 6-month photo, I give up and take one where the subjects actually sit still.

P.S. When I got these stuffed animals I cried because they were bigger than the babies!

P.P.S. This is my post for the 30-minute SteadyMom blog challenge

Monday, January 25, 2010

Look! A post with pictures

The babies are wearing bibs they received from Minx :)
Only took a month and 3 weeks to get here!

I have so much to say - hope I remember everything.

Project Get Fit and Lose Baby and Fertility Drugs Weight

Just came back from gym - this is week 3 - and guess what? I have GAINED 0.6 kg in the last week. I have NO idea what's going on and will be googling up a storm after this. We were chatting about birth control at work (fun team, right?) and a colleague said she gained 6 kg in about 3 months of being off the same BCP I was on (Yaz) so hmmm, what's up with that?

Nevertheless I persist because I HATE this stage of getting fit, where you look horrible, can't do much before being out of breath and basically hate every minute of being there. I also get an itchy bum and thighs (TMI) in the very beginning which has now stopped - really bad first week and then it goes. And I forget until the next time I let myself go, usually over December...


I've been going to work late so then I stay late. Then I get home late (and traffic gets worse the later you stay) so don't have enough time to do all I need to on the business as well as at home - cooking and such (I don't like takeaways so will almost never get food in). I then end up working late into the night which means I wake late after waking 2 - 3 times for the babies and the whole cycle repeats.

Last week I decided enough is enough. Come hell or high water, I'm getting to work on time. Today I was only 5 minutes late and I left on time. Have to stop the madness somewhere.

It's getting a lot harder to simply leave the office as most of them work a full day and the work keeps coming in... It's also getting to the point where I'm going to have to be assertive with talkative colleagues (the same one who put on 6kg!) so that I can stay productive and get my stuff done. I may have to put in my headphones (without music) to give the appearance that i don't want to be disturbed.

The good thing is I know I can do it as I worked like crazy today. I had to leave at 2 pm as my friend was visiting me at 2:30 so I got it done.

Baby updates Kendra

Kendra got her first tooth yesterday. She is also rolling up a storm. Back to tummy, tummy to back, crazy active. She's twisting and turning ALL the time. Cute until you try to change her nappy!


Connor has now discovered his toes. He gets very pleased with himself when he can get one of his feet in his mouth. Of course I keep wiping his feet clean!

He's also "sitting". By that I mean he props himself up like a triangle using his arms as support in front of his body.

This is also very cute until you try to bath him or feed him as he's obsessed with the toes :)


We had a successful outing to church yesterday. By that I mean they didn't scream too much and I actually caught about 70% of the message. Previous best 25%.

I have a confession to make. I went to church to avoid a visit from my MIL. Our church has two morning services and she usually goes to the first one and then comes to visit if we don't go to church (we go to the second one). Problem is if you're tired the last thing you want is to entertain someone else.

D keeps telling me we don't have to entertain her. Hmmmm. If you have to make tea, make conversation, can't do anything else while she's here, that's entertaining her.

We also had D's sister sleep over for a night last week which was just lovely - she gets better with age :)

So enough about me. What's been happening with you?

What's the best and worse thing that happened to you last week?

I'll go first - Kendra's tooth and a Crazy Connor overstimulation episode on Saturday night... but then he slept so well he only woke once!

quick update

Life has been so incredibly busy lately, something I'm not enjoying. I do like my down time (ha!)

But I promise to post tonight after the babies are in bed.

Also, if you've missed my comments on your blogs :) I'm having a problem commenting, definitely on those of you (Saffy) who have the comment box but sometimes on other blogs too.


When time is so short, that's the last thing I need and I don't have time to type up individual emails to you.

Chat soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

He needs all that?!

Connor's first tooth appeared a day before 6 months.

Well on Saturday night the boy was crazy. Usually he wakes screaming for food (I'm convinced he's still hungry despite his size and the fact that he eats well during the day), we pop the bottle in, he devours it and is out like a light.

Not this time.

First he wouldn't eat properly - it reminded me of when he's over-tired and I first have to calm him down before he will take his bottle.

Then all through bottle and afterwards, occasional screaming.

We probably are spoiled with Connor because he has had absolutely NO eating problems so we don't really know how to handle any fussiness with food.

Nevertheless he ate a bit and eventually off to bed. That was around 4:30.

At about 8:30 I hear the same blood-curdling screams carry on and on yet I know D's on duty so I try to ignore them and stay put in bed.

Eventually (he screams like he's being killed LOL) I jump up and rush to their bedroom. D can't calm him down (yes, I am the best but this is not really something you actually want to be good at when you need to SLEEP) so I grab him and do my tricks again.

He's calm and drinks his bottle.

Afterwards when the screaming started again I grabbed the Teegel and when I rubbed it on his gums, I felt it...

ANOTHER little tooth.

Poor little sausage - that's what all the fuss was about.

And that was the extent of the drama on Sunday because he was happy as a clam afterwards - no more fussiness.

At night he's been drinking about 200 ml (about 7 oz) max - sometimes when he's woken only once (oh, haven't given sleep updates for awhile), he has about 125 - 150 ml and goes back to sleep.

Sunday night however he woke up THREE times (we haven't had that since this day) and polished off around 400 ml total.

I could not believe it.

Surely he didn't expend so much energy pushing out his second little tooth that he needed all that extra milk?!

The next night he only woke up once (I don't count anything within 15 minutes of his actual wake-up time) so looks like he re-set himself.

It's sooo cute to see his teeth when he smiles - I can literally see them growing daily.

P.S. Still no teeth for Kendra as she's been working on something else - being cute and rolling up a storm. Has done tummy to back for months now but recently learned back to front and I think she's figured out she can use it to get to things because I find her chasing her rattles if they fall out of her reach.

P.P.S. I can't believe my BABY has TEETH. This pic was taken on Friday 15th. If you look closely you can see tooth number 1.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The funk - part 2

Update on The Funk


In 2008 I'd started looking for another job and of course nothing happens until I'm pregnant and showing. Very frustrating.

April marks my 5-year anniversary with my company and as a long service award, I get 10 extra leave days. Leave has always been like gold to me so I definitely don't plan to leave until I get to take these leave days.

Also, I'm currently working a 6-hour day in the office and am supposed to work the rest from home. Thing is I'm so productive at work that I haven't needed to log on from home at all. I aim to continue in this streak since I'm underpaid anyway :)

Yesterday I got a call from a recruiter who found my CV (resume) online and who said she had the perfect job for me. Until I started quizzing her (I'm quite stroppy and REFUSE to drive more than 30 minutes to work), that is :) Also I told her my salary and said that I work a 6-hour day since I have twins and she said, "I really think you should stay there for a while because you have a good deal going and the babies are only young once".

That cheered me right up.

HOWEVER I've started being "aware" of goings-on in the company again because as much as I love my team and clients, clearly I'm in a comfort zone and they are taking me for granted.

I always think, "if they had to recruit someone from outside the company to do my job, they would pay them properly, so why not me and why not now?" I am now very open to moving to a new job within the company. I really feel that will be the best option as I'll keep my leave (!), my 6-hour day but still have the option to get a salary increase.

I'm really hoping and praying that another suitable job with a good manager opens up soon. There are suitable ones available right now but I would NEVER work for some of those people.

Strangely it's not the money because with our minimalist lifestyle we get by just fine but it would be nice to be able to move to a bigger house eventually and get a newer car (this year my car is 5 years old).

Anyway, hold thumbs!


I did my sales analysis this week and happily saw that about 60% of my income comes from one-on-one coaching. Which now explains the terrible 2009 figures as I did nothing from July. In fact, I checked my time log and on 6 July, I have 3 entries - I worked on a new product and then coached two clients. Then, of course, later that night, waters broke and a few hours later, BABIES.

Have asked nanny to work a few hours overtime this Sat and next so I can do some decent business planning and think up some ways to get lots of coaching clients.

Any ideas?


It's not about the baby food. It's like in that Vince Vaughn/ Jennifer Aniston movie where she says, "I want you to want to do the dishes"

(It's The Break-up - just googled the sentence - you'll be amazed at all the results LOL)

So I've given him the baby book, marked with post-its to read about the food thing. He is sweet - he reads 5 mins baby/ parenting stuff every day.

I am trying...


Had some email conversations behind the scenes and have some ideas to streamline things. Mommy Esq, love your idea about it either being mommy time or mommy and baby time.


Strange, a work friend told me today that she needs to learn to stop being a people pleaser as her friends are walking all over her. She is a LOVELY person - I can't explain just how nice she is - EVERYONE loves her - so this is good that she's putting up her fences.

Back to the friends thing - one of the friends contacted me since I last posted. Is there some energy thing happening in cyberspace? :) We will see how that goes.

P.S. Have lost 0.5 kg. 2,5 kg to go.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making my own baby food

Once, ages ago, I saw someone on TV make baby food and freeze them in ice-cube trays.

I thought this was a brilliant idea and filed it away for when I had my own babies.

Of course that was years and years ago as this whole babymaking business took so long to get sorted.

Anyway, then we started solids.

And I quickly realised that it actually made better sense for me to spoon the food straight into containers and freeze them so that the container served as the bowl.

*sob* no cute ice-cubes for me

But seriously, this works so, so well that be warned, if I meet you, I will strongly encourage you to do your own baby food.

It's sooo much cheaper for one and I know exactly what's in there - nothing but veggies or fruit.

I bought ONE butternut for R12,78 ($1.73).

V peeled and cooked it.

I mashed it all up and portioned it out. There were 6 portions for Connor and 6 for Kendra.

Now if you had to buy Purity (bottled baby food), you'd pay between R5 and R7 a bottle, depending where you shop. Let's say R6.

I got enough food as would be in 9 bottles of Purity. That's R54 worth.

And I paid R12,78.

It is SOOOO worth it!

Same story with the other veggies and fruit. Some work out even better because butternut has that hard outer shell so you're actually paying for that, as you pay per kilogram.


And it's so easy.

For example, with the gem squash, I poked holes in the skin, popped them into an empty bread packet and into the microwave for about 5 - 7 minutes. Done! Slide open, scoop out seeds, scoop out squash and mash. Easy!

This suits the organising part of my personality just perfectly. I am LOVING preparing their foods and mixing it all up. I was a dud at the breastfeeding but am a rock star at this stuff :)

At one point I thought I'd be doing the Purity thing sometimes when life is hectic but now, I honestly can't bring myself to spend that kind of money. After all, I have twins. That, and I'm cheap!

What are you doing about baby food?

P.S. This is my post for SteadyMom's 30-minute blog challenge (her new book is out - have a look)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

5 reasons I'm in a funk

This pic was taken today at our Fertility Babies group. Can you see The Belly?

BTW, those two cute children on the bottom of the pic belong to our host, pictured with me. They are some of the MOST well behaved kids I have EVER met. I need to start praying hard that mine turn out the same :)

I shouldn't joke; the kids aren't that naughty and D keeps reminding me that I asked for sassy kids.

That's true - but I specified 80% sweet, 20% sassy.

Did you ask for specific characteristics in your kids?

Anyway...... I'm in a bit of a funk.

I hate feeling all funky and introspective - it's sooooo not me. I'm not one for over analysing my feelings and so on... but when I feel funky, I do try to get to the bottom of WHY I'm feeling like that.

I've decided it's four things:


Yesterday I had a salary discussion at work initiated by me after I found I'm on the 47th percentile for my job grade and yet performance-wise, I'm an 80-percenter so should be somewhere around 75th percentile or higher.

At some point they thought I was on a lower job grade. I don't know why I do this to myself as was told same rubbish (I probably could have written the script) about they can only move me a little bit at a time. My thing is because salaries are increasing all the time I'm really only inching towards where I should be at a snail's pace and it will take years to get me there. Nooooo, they say, not true. Rubbish I thought but didn't say that. It's at times like this I want to just walk out but not so easy when you have to pay bond (mortgage), twins and so on...

Nothing really resolved except that it will be reviewed mid-year again. I'm the type of person who wants things FIXED and all TICKED off my list and DONE. So this gradual stuff is very frustrating for me.

Of course I'm an emotional eater so went to the famous canteen and had a prego roll, sponge cake and custard for lunch. Felt slightly bad but the food was so good.

How can you feel bad when you're having custard? (have a bit of a love affair with custard and the guy always gives me lots because I tell him he makes the best waffles in Jhb - true!)

Anyway best I get to grips with it and move on as I will drive myself nuts otherwise.


Also I did my business year-end financial stuff (hate it!) and was horrified to find I made only a bit more money last year than I did in 2008. I could justify saying I only worked 6 months because then the babies came but historically I've had year-on-year results of around 180% for a couple of years running so this just annoys me. Which means I need to get even stricter with my time and only do things that will lead to the money, directly or indirectly.


I've been bickering with D so much over the stupidest stuff.

Like this morning, he fed Connor K's butternut which is half Connor's portion. When I told him, he says "if you'll get up in the mornings instead of sleeping in blah blah".

I saw RED.

Me - "it is NOT only my responsibility to make sure the kids eat properly blah blah"

Stupid stuff like that.

I suppose we need to have some maritals (as T-bird says :)) to get our mojo back.


Felt a bit out at our group this afternoon because I was the only mother there without babies. They were at home with D and the nanny who I'd paid to help babysit. Last time poor D was FINISHED by the time I got home and since I enjoy getting out with my friends, I thought I'd make it easier on him.

Despite knowing that it was best for them to stay in their routine as we'd already been out as a family that morning visiting with friends out from Dublin. Their son is 3 months older than mine and is just GORGEOUS. All red-headed cuteness. He and Connor hit it off and were heard giggling and laughing at each other which was too cute.

Also, I consider it "me time" and not "babies time" and it will be far too stressful trying to control both of them by myself in a strange environment.

Back to the group... I think we need some structure - it feels a bit all over the place which doesn't really work for me. I'll email round and see what the others say.


This year I resolved to make stronger boundaries in my relationships with friends and so on. I want to only have nurturing, win-win relationships where both parties give energy to the relationship and where being with the person is not an energy drain due to their focus only on themselves.

Hope I'm not the only one but do you have friends who literally only talk about themselves all the time and never ask about you or your life? Who only contact you when they need something? I have not one but TWO. I've decided I'm done.

Interesting aside - had a lovely conversation about boundaries with an older lady at work who has also just ended a very long-term relationship

So there's my funk.

How are you all doing?

Friday, January 15, 2010


As you know, Connor started cereal at 4 months and it was going so well that I was scared to mess with a good thing by starting the veggies.

These babies are more than enough work at the best of times.

However, someone (Amy) said something like "oh, just do it" and I decided to go for it.

My baby textbook, Baby Sense, said to first start with all the yellow veggies, so he had butternut, pumpkin, sweet potato and then carrots.

They say you should introduce one food to a baby at a time, for four days, to check for allergies, so that's what we did, although some weeks he ate the same veggie for 6 days in a row if I made more than 4 days' worth.

Yes, I make my own baby food - more on that later.

Then we started mixing some of those foods - like sweet potato and pumpkin.

And then we went to see the paed. Can't remember if I said (and to lazy to read through old posts) but he was very happy that they'd started solids (!). He also told me to not blend the food too fine as he's seen lots of babies who eat Purity (that's the most common baby food in a jar here and is so smooth) and now cannot eat anything with lumps or textures because they start gagging and vomiting simply because they're not used to it.

Well, I am certain of one thing - I don't plan to have fussy eaters so I decided to do more textures there and then.

Enter gem squash. Which is stringy..... so I thought, "well, if Connor doesn't like it, then D will have to finish the squash". I'm not one for gems...

Viola (the nanny) told me that Connor LOVED the gem squash and had no problem with the stringiness.

(I've just looked up the reference on Wikipedia and now, for the first time in my life I find that gem squash is a fruit!!!)

This boy likes his food.

We started him on fruits last Saturday - so far he's had Granny Smith apples (my favourites) and bananas. Next on the menu are pears.

As for the cereal, he's had rice cereal and maize cereal. (South Africans, the paed said he could have normal mielie meal!)

He can also have yoghurts and when they're properly 6 months (8 months actual) we can start introducing mince and chicken. Hmmm, I'm a bit wary of that.

But the main thing is this - I got that we can experiment with lots of different textured food.


Now Kendra started cereal a month later, at 5 months.

She is not so keen on the food and eats s l o w l y. Dear Lord, you need the patience of Job.

And, sadly, she eats better for Viola than she does for us. But we've been observing V so now we prop her up in exactly the same way and give her lots of encouragement (lots of "good girl") and it's going a tiny bit faster.

She's also had rice cereal and maize cereal. More keen on the maize than the rice cereal.

On Thursday last week (exactly 6 months) we started her veggies. She's had pumpkin and is now on the butternut.

So far so good.

I think she's getting more used to food because I've actually seen her open her mouth ready for the next spoon. This is huge for Kendra :)

At the moment she's eating half the amount of veggies as Connor and about two-thirds his amount of cereal.

Oh, one more thing the paed said (can you tell I got my money's worth - I peppered him with SO many questions) is that they eat better if they touch the food.

oooh, gross! (I hate messes but I'm learning to tolerate them)

So here we go, Kendra getting into her food.

P.S. you'll have noticed I don't have high chairs for the babies and quite honestly, I don't know that I need them until they can eat by themselves. I have to hold down Connor's hands otherwise there's food EVERYWHERE (worse than Kendra).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scrambled eggs

So, the weight thing...

I'd got back to my pre-pregnancy weight (59 kg exactly, in case you're interested) ONE week before I started work, to the day.

Then I relaxed.

Which is not a good thing when you still want to lose another 2 kg of fertility drugs weight.

We have a WONDERFUL canteen and coffee shop at work and I'm partial to their French toast and scrambled eggs.

I have a thing for scrambled eggs done properly (there's a restaurant at my closest shopping centre and that chef does THE BEST scrambled eggs, ever! I first ordered them when pregnant because I found myself craving eggs at one point and since then I haven't stopped. They serve breakfasts the whole day and I order those scrambled eggs every time I'm there. The waiters think I'm nuts because I RAVE about those eggs but seriously, that guy knows how to do good scrambled eggs :) It's Mugg and Bean, Bedford Centre, if anyone in Johannesburg's reading).

That, and the Christmas eating, and the chocolate and me eating my biscuits (cookies) have resulted in me GAINING a whopping 3kg.


I'm actually embarrassed to write that down but I'm doing it because I want you to hold me accountable.

I'm not one for making excuses so it's all me but I do think stopping the birth control has something to do with it. I am starving all the time!

You're asking why I stopped. Because I was going crazy on it - highly irritable and feeling like everything is wrong in my world the week before my period.

I know that's weird because usually you gain weight from going on the pill. Hmm, apparently not in my case.

BUT I'm going to eat properly for a month and go to gym twice a week and then see if it isn't only the effects of Christmas and scrambled eggs.

So far I have literally dragged myself to gym twice this month (the dance classes only started up this week and I can't be bothered with those machines - yawn...) and yes, I hate every minute, especially seeing my fat thighs and tummy in those horrible mirrors.

I am eating my usual breakfast and lunch so that's not torture (well, eating hardly is for me!) - wholewheat toast, chunky cottage cheese and cucumber slices/ cup a soup (if cold weather)

So that's the weight thing - I will tell you next week how I'm doing.

P.S. OH! Speaking of rude comments, yesterday at the gym a lady asks me, "so when are you going to get rid of your tummy" or something like that. I was very cool... and simply said, "well, they say with a pregnancy you should give yourself 9 months to get back your shape, so since I had twins, I'm giving myself 18 months" - not really true (I want it gone asap) but that shut her up. Also to be fair, she was a Chinese lady and her English was not that good so I don't think she really meant to be rude! At least I hope not...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why do people say these things?

It was our first trip to church as a family of four.

Lest you think I'm totally unredeemed, D and I have been some... when we've had Mabel to babysit. Mabel's the first night nanny.

Usual chaos ensued as we had to time their waking from naps, feeding, dressing, bundling in car with bags, etc. with military precision.

Eventually we're all in the car, quiet babies in the back, and we're feeling quite proud of ourselves for actually getting out the house in one piece.

Church is fine, although the door to the family room (as I refuse to take care of two babies by myself in the mother's room) was too narrow for our twin pram so had to get second door opened, etc, etc. I find this is the case in the shopping centres too.

Nevertheless, the church service is 90 minutes long so towards the end they're getting crabby as they now need to sleep so both D and I stood at the back, rocking the babies.

I then got these smiles from a lady diagonally opposite me which I mistakenly thought were sympathetic smiles at the restless babies.


The minute the pastor said his last "amen" she dashes over to us and says this:

Why is your baby so small? What's wrong with her? Is she sick?

I had to touch D's arm to stop him from freaking out because I could feel him tense up.

I then said that no, Kendra was perfect (yes, I said this), our PAEDIATRICIAN is VERY HAPPY with her progress as she is eating beautifully and is, in fact, growing nicely. They were prem and so started off small but she just happens to have a high metabolism as she is not vomiting, no diarrhoea, etc.

All in one breath.

Well, you'd think she'd leave it at that but she kept going on and on.

Eventually I said to D, "listen, we need to go" and so she took the hint and off she went.

They are very different in size - we're not blind - but I do think it's bad manners to say rude things like that to people.

It's like saying "why are you so ugly?"

Or like me saying to my clients, "My word, your life IS a mess, isn't it? I don't know how you get anything done with such bad time management" Just not the done thing.

Of course, when we got into the car, we discussed our strategy going forward.

D came up with some sarcastic remarks. I don't do sarcasm but I do blunt :)

What's the rudest thing people have said to you or your baby?

P.S. Before this incident, it was "so why don't you have any children? Are you selfish?"
P.P.S. This is my post for SteadyMom's 30-minute blog challenge

Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365 & sleep gymnastics

This is Connor's new "trick" - sleep gymnastics. He twists around and when I come find him, this is what I see. The pillow has a teddy bear pillowcase.

He doesn't look in the least bit guilty, does he?

We've also found him twisted the other way so his little legs get stuck in between the bars of the cot. Of course, he then wakes when he tries to move his leg and gets frantic when he realises he's stuck.

D's had to move the cot bumper around so it's only at his head and all along this side. Since then, no more feet getting stuck and more peaceful sleep for all of us.

Am I the only one with kids who twist and turn in their sleep?


I've wanted to do a photo project for a loooooong time but the ones I've read about always seemed too restrictive or too complicated for an amateur like me.

Until this one.

I know that Mandy's doing it too and so is Claudia.

So I thought, "what the hell, let me do it too" so I started a separate photo blog.

Please be kind - I just like documenting things, I'm by no means a "photographer" - and I'm doing this as simply as possible, in other words, no words, just pictures.

Except for the organising photos as I'm sending people over from my organising blog to see those ones. Two birds with one stone and all that jazz...

Still it's the first time this year that I've had time to actually put the pics up.

I'm going to have to schedule an hour every week to upload and compress photos - have already made my Project 365 folder and am ready to go.

Is anyone else participating? It's not too late - you probably already have a photo a day if you check :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My decade in review (part 2)

The decade in review continues...

2005 - the year of 4 different jobs

Trying begins in earnest.

Back from leave first week of Jan and I see a new job advertised which I apply for and get. Yayy. High profile so if you stuff up, you basically mess up your career at the company. I'm not scared of challenges so accept the position with great enthusiasm.

Start new job on 1 Feb and suddenly new job is not great. Why? Discover later that existing staff all applied for job and didn't get it so are ticked off at me and resentful with a capital R. Lovely. One day, in a terrible mood, I buy newspaper to look at jobs. See something that's perfect for me so apply by email after 5pm. The next morning at 9 am I get a call from the agent - can't wait to see me, I'm perfect, blah blah blah.

Long story short, I have interview upon interview and suddenly have another new job. With 40% increase in salary - yayyy.

Of course I turn the department around (not giving a jot if they like me or not) as I have to make sure I get some good results to put on my CV (resume) :)

New job is stunning, I LOVE love LOVE the team and my work but alas, 3 months in they decide to scrap the dept and move everyone to a partner company. Nooooo, not for me, so I apply for yet another job within existing company which I get.

And THAT's how I got my current role.

As you can see, I got my interview mojo back :)

Four different jobs in the space of a year.

As if the year weren't busy enough, I also decided to start running motivational workshops. They're so fun they don't even feel like work.

We also decide to buy a new house but this time I resolve, "not again for at least 7 years" (don't know where I got the 7 years from) after the house move as, despite my organising skills, two companies don't do their bits and I was super, SUPER stressed.

Have crazy symptoms regularly and am convinced every month I'm pregnant.


Settled into the new house and my new job nicely.

The job is perfect for me. The boss thinks I'm great (I wasn't super stroppy yet!) and my biggest client loves me. They're super demanding but I'm just the same type of difficult person so I anticipate all their needs and they think I'm outstanding and on the ball.

However right at the end of the year sale of shares in JV, etc, blah blah and basically we lose that big client which is main reason I'm employed. Never fear, says boss, there is a lot to keep you busy.

He's right but these are tiny, tiny clients who are sooooo easy to please after big, difficult client that the job starts getting boring and I start nagging for more responsibility.

To distract myself, we go on a holiday to Thailand and Malaysia and have fabulous time, eating and shopping lots. I'd lost about 4 kgs before the holiday so even look good in bikini and shorts


Job really gets boring and I start looking around again but NOTHING is working out. People phone me for jobs that just don't excite me (I get fussier the older I get) but I do make the effort to see a few recruitment consultants.

Clearly I've lost the interview mojo again.

Then I find out I'm underpaid and I flip. Seriously. Long story short, lots of meetings with HR and was told it would be fixed so off I went to have my first laparotomy.


Big year for us in terms of making baby progress. Finally went to another fertility clinic and saw the wonderful Dr G in February. Lots of money, surgery and lots of tears later, in December 2008 we were finally pregnant from IVF number 2.

Still interviewing, still nothing. Inside and outside the company. A few bigger projects at work which was great although probably at my lowest, self-confidence wise, ever. The salary still not adjusted.

Coaching business doing well - loving the client work and they're getting good results, becoming more visible online. Getting speaking gigs, all good.

Had a wonderful trip to the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and totally fell in love with Ireland.


Pregnant! Of course once I start showing, suddenly I get all these job offers that are perfect for me.

Didn't care about anything except remaining pregnant and being healthy.

Despite being permanently exhausted, worked my butt off on a big campaign as I wanted them to remember me while on maternity leave. It worked.

Went for a last pre-babies trip to Ireland.

Then had the babies and though I love them with all my being, will honestly say the first 3 months were the hardest of my entire life. Good thing I'm sub-fertile as I don't know if I could ever do that kind of sleep deprivation again, without going crazy.

D once said to me after we'd moved house by ourselves (in our younger days), if we can't afford to hire movers, we can't afford to move. So from then on, we've always had movers.

My take on this is - if we can't afford a night nanny we can't afford to have another baby. And we can't. We can barely afford these two (a whole 'nother post). I seriously take my hat off to anybody who can function on no sleep and no help.

My business made just a little more money than it did in 2008 - not great. That's probably due to only working 6 months properly.

So 2009 ends with me back at work, the boss says I was missed terribly, with two babies who are cute as can be.


P.S. Saffy, thanks for this idea. I found it strangely therapeutic :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

6-month check-up (corrected age 4 months)

So the babies are 6 months old - I can't believe it!
Tried to make an appointment earlier this week and was HORRIFIED when told that the fabulous Dr R (their paed from NICU days) has left the practice.

I then investigated further (phoned my friend, M) and found that Dr R wanted a job that didn't require her to be on call, seeing as she's about 28 weeks pregnant and has a 20-month old little girl too. Our hospital doesn't allow that - all doctors have to be on call - so she then looked for another job.
Huge sadness as we LOVE Dr R.

Note to self - will have to hook up on Facebook.

Anyway, lots of issues with receptionists but finally managed to get an appt for the afternoon with Dr S, whose practice it is.

We arrived bang on time, armed with babies and my list of questions. I always come prepared as I'm not prepared to shell out R1000 and not get every single question answered.

Was prepared to hate him.... because of appointment-setting issues but the man was VERY nice.

He even played with Kendra and Connor and really took his time checking them over.

Now here's the stuff I live for, the stats :)


Now weighs 5,18 kg (11 lbs) (and is finally in Pampers 2), is 62,4 cm tall and has a head circumference of 42 cm.

Previously she was at 60% of her expected weight and she is now at 80% of her expected weight and on the 10th percentile. Moving up her growth curve very nicely.

Yayyy - we are very happy. The cereal is working and we started her veggies today too. Such a minute amount as she is not a food lover like her brother.

Developmentally she's doing fine. That's all the detail I have! Amazing - I am not at all freaked out by these things, only the sleep.


Weighs 7,68 kg (17 lbs) and is 67 cm tall. D didn't write down the head circumference as I was working hard to keep Connor from crying too much.

Don't know what on earth got into these kids - they were freaking out and screaming. And he was very gentle with them because I was right there. I am rougher with them.

Again, Connor is on 50-something percentile for age 6 months, and for his corrected age, is way ahead of the pack. He is a big boy. There is now a 2,5 kg difference in their weights.

Developmentally, he's at age 5 months. That's all I heard. It's better than their corrected age of 4 months, so am happy.

Dr S was very happy that he's on cereal and veggies and said I can start experimenting with fruits, yoghurt, rougher textures, etc.

Knowing me, it will take forever to get there :) I don't like to mess with a good thing.

So we continue as we have been doing. Next appointment at 9 months.

P.S. Connor has his first tooth! Poor baby was so calm and placid - the little tooth arrived with no fanfare. On Wed he started moaning a little bit when we tried to give him his bottle. Had a look in his mouth, fully expecting to see red gums and instead, a little white tooth. Too cute.

P.P.S. On Wed night Kendra only woke twice and Connor only woke once. Maybe they can sense that we're going to let them "cry it out" :)

P.P.P.S. I asked how much they should be sleeping in a 24-hour period at this age - 13 - 14 hours, 10 at night and the rest during the day. The doctor says they probably will still wake once a night until 9 months! Kendra might wake twice because of hunger - any more than this means they're waking for "other than hunger" reasons. So Connor sleeps a lot, but honestly, he goes crazy if he doesn't sleep after 90 - 120 minutes.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My decade in review (part 1)

As promised, here is my decade in review.


A very busy year, work-wise. Started looking for a new job end of 1999 and was interviewing like crazy. Was made a job offer that I was not wild about but resigned based on that out of desperation. Fortunately the job that I actually wanted came through about a week into my notice period so that's where I ended up.


Great year, work-wise. Loved the company, loved my team, loved my boss, performed brilliantly, was given more staff, responsibility, etc. and was promoted with an unheard-of salary increase.


Decided to buy a house (had bought a townhouse prior to this). Looked around and eventually settled on a suburb with gorgeous old houses - wooden floors, pressed ceilings, charm everywhere. Put in offer which was accepted. The next week D announces that he can't stand it at work ONE MORE DAY and is resigning. I panic and tell him it's the worse Valentine's Day ever and he can't resign just yet. After doing the numbers we figure out he can be out of work for a maximum of 3 months because that's all the savings we have. Happily, he resigns.

Very stressful year as he ends up out of work for 6 months (as he is very specialised), all this with a new mortgage but we made it, thank the Lord.

Laparoscopy number 1.


Things are looking up financially. Work-wise, I go on a training programme and happen to write down some life goals. Suddenly once they're in writing I realise I can't continue to faff around and actually start doing something about the goals. Started writing a monthly motivational newsletter which I then emailed to friends.

Started coaching my staff and a few friends (all for free). Found my passion.

Wonderful boss decides to emigrate to Australia - very sad but new guy seems okay so optimistic.


Went to Singapore and Australia for our 9-year anniversary. WONDERFUL time. Loved Singapore's efficiency. Met up with wonderful boss for breakfast :)

When I got back I had laparoscopy number 2.

Meanwhile, new boss starts bugging the ________ out of me. Is TOTALLY manipulated by girls in the office and lack of backbone starts to be very evident.

Work starts being stressful due to new boss, office politics and lack of career growth in current position. So I start looking for new job within company. First time in my LIFE I get interviews without job offers (I happen to be great at interviews and usually once I make it to interview stage, they want me) so start getting very despondent after I apply for and don't get TWO different positions.

I turned 30 and suddenly started thinking about babies. Because of all the job madness we decide to wait til Jan to start trying.

Part 2 to follow


International Blog Delurking Week

How fun!

It's International Blog Delurking Week which means this is your chance to also talk back instead of me doing all the talking around here :)

The babies are 6 months old today so why don't you give them a "half birthday" present and say hello by leaving a comment.

All you have to do is tell me where you're from and say your name, but only if you feel comfortable, like this: it's Mary from San Antonio, Texas.

If you like, also tell me a little bit about yourself or how you came to be reading my blog.

P.S. I'm down to 60 blogs :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Question time - how many blogs do you read?

I wrote in a post ages ago that I had 76 blogs in my Google Reader.

I'm ashamed to say I've since added more and my subscriptions are now at .......... 81

Saffy asked how I have the time to read 76 blogs and the truth is I don't. I'm going to go through the feeds and declutter some. I'm addicted to the infertility stories because I was there and I GET what these women are going through but on the other hand, it's heartbreaking. So I keep reading, hoping and praying for a positive result and a live, take home baby for them.

  • Fortunately not all of the bloggers post daily so on any given day, I only have about 30 - 40 blog posts to read at any one time.
  • I subscribe to a couple of photography and cooking blogs, just for the pictures.
  • I also subscribe to some typical mommy blogs, just to see cute kids, but I never comment.
  • I also keep up with my "competition" so read about 10 organising blogs and a couple of business blogs.

I definitely don't comment on a lot of blogs and for those bloggers I'm not very friendly with, only if I really want to say something.

Okay, just went through my subscriptions and am now down to 68. The aim is 60. I comment on about 15 of those regularly :)

But that made me curious - how many blogs do you read and how many do you comment on regularly?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Change of perspective on the sleep thing

Thank you all so much for your comments the last time I had a moan about the sleep.

Rebecca, it was something you said that started shifting my thinking.

That, plus chats to two real life friends.

Rebecca said there is always someone jealous of you, the same way you envy someone else's situation.
Which to me talks about perspective.
LauraC also said that you have to think of sleep in terms of the good nights AND the bad nights, and look at the average. True!

As I've said before, I always thank God first of all that I have babies and that my babies are healthy and don't have any health problems despite being born so early.

My friend's child, M, had to have additional brain scans and her results have now been sent to the top children's hospital in South Africa. We spoke today and she told me she's scared out of her mind.

That's when I think, "so what if we have to get up a couple of times a night?"

Now here's the real AHA moment.
My friend with the good sleepers told me her twin babies wake around 5 - 5:30.

Another friend told me that's when both of hers used to wake too (not twins, but two years apart) and it "might be unreasonable" of me to expect mine to sleep from 5 - 5:30 pm to 7 am.

Don't you love tactful people?!

(By the way, this is an old, old primary school friend who found me on Facebook. We haven't seen each other since we were 12, which is 23 years ago. When I worked it out I felt really, really old)


It suddenly dawned on me.

I'm expecting these babies to sleep a stretch of 14 hours - I am a crazy woman!

Now 5 am still doesn't suit our lifestyle (!) especially on weekends but I will settle for 6 am.

And when I went back through The Notebook to analyse it in light of this revelation, I noticed that the last wake-up is normally around 5:30 - 6 am.

So if I adjusted my expectations to 6 am instead of 7 am, the babies wake up one time less 95% of the time.

Where I've been saying Kendra's waking up 3 - 4 times, it's actually 2 - 3 times, and Connor mostly only wakes up once.

Wow. Sometimes I'm really slow.

To answer some of your questions:
  • We do have a fan in their room because it is summer in Jhb and we have extremely hot, dry summers here. So most nights they go to sleep with the fan's white noise which does help.
  • They now have a bedtime routine. We bath them earlier but I do have a routine - close curtains, change nappy, put on leggings, offer bottles (C won't even have 5 ml if he's not hungry - he got that self-control from his father; K will often have a whole extra bottle), put on music (Majors for Minors), kiss and put in cots, tuck in with blankets, I love you's and then we leave the room.
  • Connor is the better sleeper, during the day and at night. He sleeps about 5 hours during the day and Kendra about 4 hours. There's usually one two-hour nap and then shorter ones. I classify the day as between 7 and 7.
  • They sleep in separate cots but in the same room and yes, Kendra disturbs Connor. We RUN to their room (as fast as our old bones will take us) when we hear her cry out because we don't want him to wake. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
  • With the onset of summer, we found they were waking early (4:30) so we now attach blankets to their curtains every night and that keeps them sleeping longer too.
  • One morning Connor woke at 5:30, I distracted him with a water bottle and change of nappy successfully for another hour and then was very happy to start his day and feed him. Felt very proud of myself :)

So where do we go from here?
  1. I am a girl who loves a plan so the plan is to CIO with one baby at a time. What I'm really scared of is this: what if they're really hungry and I deprive them of food?

  2. I can't wait for my mother to leave (!) so I can try this "crying it out" business. She thinks we're cruel if we leave the kids to cry a bit - I'm of the opinion that a bit of crying doesn't harm anybody. Also, I want to use two bedrooms so I need my guest bedroom back. I think two babies crying at the same time will be way too traumatic for me.

  3. I will not ask anybody how their kids are sleeping unless they bring it up in conversation and it'll be rude to do otherwise. It just makes me crazy and I don't need more crazy in my life.

  4. I will believe the best of my children - I'm sure they're doing their very best, poor things, and they don't need any more pressure put on them.

  5. I will stop obsessing about what I'm doing or not doing - evidence shows me I can do the exact same thing and one will sleep better than the other - and really try not to be hard on myself :)

All that said, I do hope and pray that the sleep fairy visits so that our kids find their sleep groove soon.

Any sleep tips and comments are always very welcome so if you think something you do works well for your child/ren, please share. I've now started getting emails behind the scenes from other moms about the sleep issues. Of course I know nothing so I depend on all your wisdom :)

P.S. This is my post for the 30-minute blog challenge

Monday, January 04, 2010

playing favourites

When people ask me which baby's my favourite, I joke and say "the one that's sleeping the best".

Okay, it isn't really a joke :)

When the babies were discharged from NICU, my mother was here for four weeks. During that time, she basically took Kendra during the day while D was at work and I'd tend to Connor.

So I understand that she has a soft spot for Kendra.
But wait.

On Christmas Day, we're opening presents and she says "this is for the twins and this one is for Kendra".

Well, I was gobsmacked.

I am very rarely speechless but I was that day.

I exchanged glances with D who is quicker with the smart retort than I am so he said, "oh N, you're playing favourites already" and she laughed.

I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hurt for Connor I'm even tearing up now typing this.

I'm ashamed to say I didn't deal with it very well at that moment - I just moved on very quickly but I gave my boy some extra hugs and kisses.

D and I only had a chance to speak about it the next day and we've since decided that, in future, we will say something like "we can't accept it since our parenting philosphy is to treat the kids the same".

He had another option - to just go out and buy the other child something - but I said Nooooo, that doesn't feel right.

By the way, I'd said to everyone to please buy ONE thing for the both of them - I am a FREAK about lots of clutter and am totally in the less is more camp.

Do you think we're being reasonable or not? Or am I overreacting because of the sleep deprivation (they'd woken 3 times each the previous night)?

Please feel free to be 100% honest with me.

Oh! On the whole, she does seem to favour Kendra - I always find her holding Kendra, talking to her, etc. Not so much with Connor and honestly, he is EASY to love - he "talks" to anyone who talks to him, smiles a lot, etc. So there is no excuse as far as I'm concerned.

Can you feel the fierceness of my mother love? It's scary actually. I now know I will KILL for them :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's 2010

I am sooooooooooo behind on everything I want to tell you because my mother's visiting and is staying in my guest bedroom/ study.

I do have the laptop but to get the best internet speed, it has to be in the entrance hall and I can't very well blog on my anonymous blog with everyone walking back and forth around me........

Anyhow, they're taking a quick nap while supper bakes in the oven (chicken pasta bake) and I've been itching to talk to you so here I am.

As far as New Year's goes we live in one of the most boring cities in the world. I'm from a coastal city originally and EVERYONE goes down to the beachfront on New Year's Eve - there's lights, music, people, fun. It's LOVELY. Here everything closes EARLY on New Year's except for the one or two restaurants that throw those parties which we're not into as we don't drink.

(I just heard D pick K up from her cot and kiss her. He always does that with both kids - picks them up and kisses them. It's so lovely and I don't think he's even aware he does it Every Single Time)
So D and I have a bit of a New Year's ritual. We go to an 8pm movie and then home for coffee (no coffee shops open at 10 - 10.30) to talk through our goals for the year ahead.

This year with the kids I was so pooped I fell asleep in the movie (Julie and Julia - which didn't impress me even before I fell asleep) and then again once we got home. Poor D didn't get to see some last-minute 2009 action :)

Obviously we didn't "bring in the new year" or anything - very boring.

He told me he's not doing goals anymore (this is like someone telling me there's no sun!) as they don't work.

Hello??? Those babies are the result of one of my 2008 goals to get to the bottom of this infertility business and go to the best fertility clinic in SA to get a proper diagnosis and action plan.

Anyway, that's D. Personally I think it's just laziness :)

I saw a cool thing on Saffy's blog which I want to do here - a decade in review - but I'll leave that for yet another post although for now I will leave you with my one word for 2010 - consolidate.

This year I'm going to get back to basics with my health and fitness (oh! I've GAINED 1.7 kg since going back to work. It's those darn scrambled eggs at our canteen - delicious), spiritual life, relationship with D as a husband and wife and not just parents, and get my business back to where it was pre-pregnancy. Although one good thing - I still made more money in 2009 than I did in previous years so even though my visibility is low, what I did was still reasonably effective.

Two great things happened money-wise in the last week - we finally got our tax refund from those two IVFs (we could pay for half of a cycle so I'm happy - money!!!) and I cashed in some shares at work that vested (not taking a chance that I find a better job this year and lose out on that free money) so already our finances are looking a lot healthier.
So what's your theme for 2010?


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