Thursday, February 16, 2017

Health stuff and what I want more of this year

Okay, here's what I want more of this year.

Now, onto the health stuff.

1. I finally scheduled that extraction and implant simply because it had been hanging over my head, filling me with dread. Now at least I need only think of it the day before and the day of.... (currently 8 March)

I actually had it scheduled for 1 March but a conference came up and I have to go to this one because the alternative is farrrrrrrrr away. And you all know how I "love" driving. So no.


2. Then I had a mammogram (my first! should have been my third!) in the last week of January. I spoke to the doctor and you're supposed to go every year from 40, and start earlier if you've had issues or have a family history. The biggest medical aid in SA only pays for 1 every 2nd year, but that doesn't change the health professionals' view, just by the way.

Oh, it was all clear!

3. This morning I have my annual gynae check-up and Pap smear. I think this is the least dreaded of the 3! This one was supposed to happen in December last year... I just ran out of time.

These 3 were on my list for the year and I'm going to be thrilled when they're all done!

In very sad news, a lady I used to work with who is a close friend of a friend of mine died at the end of January from breast cancer. Like me, she has two young kids (7 and 9) so it is very tragic, and to be honest, threw me completely when I heard the news!

How are you doing with your health things?


  1. Oh gosh, terrible to hear when a young mom dies. Glad you have all this sorted - I have teeth things to sort out and a mammogram - but the gynea visit is done until October this year

  2. Hi, Marcia! Long time, no talk! I've missed you!!!

    I had a health scare back in the fall. (That was the start of my being "off" culminated just after the election. Between the two, it's been tough to process.) All is well now, but it's a huge reminder the importance of those check-ups. We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of everyone else!

    So glad you got a good report! Much love to you!

  3. Glad you are getting these things done. I'm very pro doing al the checks. My colleagues are always shocked that I'm eager to get a Pap smear or visit the dentist. I would rather deal with that than think of the alternative.

    So sorry about the loss. It is always difficult to process. May God comfort her family and friends xxx

  4. You really are so inspiring. I still am yet to make that important appointment. It's so sad when you hear news like that. It puts everything else going on around you into perspective.

  5. An insurance company with lousy customer service, even if its prices are the lowest, is no bargain.
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  6. These health checkups are so important. I know most people do not like them, but it has got to be done. You can get the mammogram earlier and at yearly intervals if your doctor requires you to have them. Also, there is a reason that there is an age thing. Younger women, especially those who have not breastfed, have a denser tissue and the mammogram cannot be used to see anything. The doctor is supposed to write them a letter. I had one 18months ago and even though I am below the required age group, the medical aid paid on the doctor's motivation. I need another later this year.


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