Friday, November 10, 2017

{Friendship Friday} What do you enjoy these days?

Hello everybody

Let's do something fun for the few Fridays we have left this year.

What's one thing you're celebrating or enjoying these days?

I'll go first.

I've been going through a thing with glasses (drinking glasses).

I kept eyeing these lovely blue glasses at Mr P Home and then I cracked one day and bought 4.

Love them.

Then on the weekend we went to Checkers after church and I saw these gorgeous ones. I wanted to buy 6 but Connor told me to get 8 :)

That's what I'm particularly enjoying these days - my new drinking glasses. It makes having a glass of water so much more pleasurable.

And if you follow me on Insta, you'll know I'm celebrating jacaranda season, big time :)

What's one thing you're celebrating or enjoying these days?


  1. Hmmm tricky. I'm enjoying the academic environment this week - I got to attend a three day workshop learning new things, and went to an amazing seminar this morning.

  2. I love that we had a good Jacaranda bloom this year... though my child wasn’t as impressed a few weeks ago because it’s purple not PINK! Though she did ask us to stop to take pictures of the beautiful trees a week later :)

    1. You should go to the Sabie area in April - they have trees with big pink blooms all over (I'll send you a pic)!

    2. Thanks for the picture... I love it


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