Wednesday, November 29, 2017

{Friendship} An Initiator Mantra and a solution for me

Guys, I took such a long time to read this book, purely because it reads more textbook-y than I'm used to.

Still, there are a lot of good things I highlighted (15 pages worth!) and I wanted to share this one quote with you.

"An Initiator Mantra 
I am the primary initiator in my relationships—not because there is something wrong with me, but because there is something right with me. 
I initiate because I value more connection in my life. 
I initiate because a relationship requires it in order to get any momentum, and I can give that gift. 
I initiate because this world needs more people who prioritize relationships, and I'm willing to be one of them. 
I initiate because I'm the one who knows the benefit of more connection. 
I initiate because I am brave, because I value love, and because I am ready for more." 

(from "Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness" by Shasta Nelson)

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Where on the scale do you currently fall with initiating in friendship?

I probably used to be a 9.5. Now I'm a 5 - this is what I meant with how I'm sooo not busy these days.

D told me I need to decide on what my happy medium is and just do that. E.g. if I'm prepared to initiate with a friend 4 times a year, do that and be happy. And if no other initiation happens, then at least that makes me happy.

I think that's where I'm going.

What do you guys do? Where on the initiating scale are you? Do you have lots of Christmas socials to look forward to?


  1. This I love what D has said, it's about the person you're initiating with.

  2. Feels like the writer was writing about you! And yes sometimes you need to know when to step back!

    Hmmm where am I on the scale. No idea

    No Christmas social plans which is Just the way I like it! What I do have planned is lots of crafting and baking with my child and getting some much needed rest after the hectic past few months


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