Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A moment of clarity

So I don’t want to talk about the something that happened. 

It’s not true but perception is perception and has to be dealt with. I’m objective enough to realise that… and this is corporate, so aside from the lovely benefits, there is also a fair bit of politicking that goes on. I’m not great at it but I will deal with the fall out.

ANYWAY, so I had a coffee with my ex-ex Wonderful Boss and in the talking, we got onto something that gave me quite the aha moment.

this has nothing to do with the post except that this photo and the beach in general makes me very happy!

I've previously spoken about these 3 components of job satisfaction. The three components are purpose, mastery and whether people will pay you for the thing in question. If they won't pay, it's a hobby, not a job :) That link will take you to the post with a podcast. Well worth listening to.

Right, so we spoke about these 4 things and how it directly impacts my current job feelings:
  1. purpose (I do still believe in the ultimate purpose of this kind of work)
  2. mastery (hmm, about 50% there and the other stuff is mostly things I never even want to do *excel work, I'm looking at you!*)
  3. autonomy (yes, yes and yes - I have a high need to structure and control my own work, and to work independently. I just looked it up and Merriam says "self-directing freedom" YESSSSS!) obviously I have basically zero of that.....and my psychometric tests are at least an 8 on all 3 counts.
  4. ability to influence (also mostly missing but is a key need of mine at work - I love co-collaboration and all that jazz, it's different to teamwork BTW)

Those of you who are interested in career-type things might recognise the first 3 points from Dan.iel Pi.nk's book, D.rive. He says those first three must be present for people to be motivated

Those 4 things were my aha moment. I took ex-ex-boss's scribblings and keep taking them out to have a read through.

What do you think?
What are the things that give you job satisfaction? 
(whether or not you're employed for mo.ney)

In other news, guess what I did yesterday for two hours as part of my job? Photography. Yes! Crazy. Am taking the big camera back in tomorrow for more of the same!


  1. I need to feel like I have a greater purpose. I think that this is why I LOVED working at an NGO - the money was crap but I was completely fulfilled and my soul felt like it was being fed on a daily basis.
    I do need to feel like I’m not being watched ALL THE TIME – right now I even get funny looks when I go and pee! I need to NOT feel anxious when I have to ask for time off to go and see a teacher or a therapist. I need to not feel the need to explain my every move when I can’t be in the office. In short, I need to NOT feel like I’m being policed.
    I hope you are OK and that you find exactly what you need. Lance always says that your job is your job and is not there to make you happy and that I expect too much from my job. I have to disagree with him. I spend A LOT of time at my workplace and I need to be happy at least 6 out of 8 hours.

  2. I'm glad that you have some perspective on your situation, hope it helps.

  3. Firstly, I am happy that you got an "a-ha" moment about your situation. Now you know what to do.
    Secondly, what gives me job satisfaction is taking my ideas into consideration. Don't just hear them and never really try to understand them. Another thing is making me part of the team. I like to be part of the team but don't shuff me aside and assume I don't want to be part. And lastly, constructive criticism. Don't be afraid to tell me what I need to correct or improve on. I can't be a better employee if you don't tell me if I do something not entirely to the way you want it.

  4. I have never been as fulfilled as working in charity. Not much money, but I neec to be needed and I neex to know that somebody else's life is better because of what I do. Fortunately my hubby is a clever entrepreneur and knows how to generate a good income.


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