Friday, October 20, 2017

What a great month of reading

Last month I had a great month of reading. About 8 - 10 books are average for me, but the additional is definitely due to not having the internet for 24 days :)

The stats
Fiction/ non-fiction: 8/5
Physical/ Kindle/ Audible: 3/2/8

The fiction highlights
  1. Every last one - Anna Quindlen (my first Anna Quindlen novel and it won't be the last - absolutely beautiful writing)
  2. The Park - Gail Schimmel (this was a gift from a friend and I loved it! This is how I like a South African novel to be written, not like Tannie Sannie. But it's really a novel about friendship and boundaries, one of my favourite topics)
  3. Uncoupled - Lizzie Enfield (I just really liked the story. This is about marriage. I'm loving stories about this stage of life - marriage, kids, career, and how they all fit together)

The non-fiction highlights
The Four Tendencies - of course. I adored this book, have 15 pages of notes and I can't wait to start blogging about it. I listen to every single episode of Happier, have read all her books and still, I learned such a lot about me, and about my family. Do I have any upholder friends reading? I want to discuss some things 1:1 with someone who has the same tendency besides my husband. D and I are both upholders, but I lean towards Questioner and he leans towards Obliger.

I enjoyed almost everything but these were just the 4 that stood out above the rest.

For full reviews and star ratings on all, check out my goodreads :)

What were the highlights of your reading month?


  1. I have heard good things about the Park and plan to read it. I usually like novels about friendship! Adding it to my list of to read

    How was uninvited?

    1. I expected more. I always expect a lot of Word from a Christian book and this one didn't have enough for me. I gave it a 3 because the writing is still good. It's more about your identity in Christ than uninvited in terms of friendship though.

  2. I have now accepted that I am only going to average 2 or 3 books a month now. Some months just 1. But its the stage of my life at the moment and I can't wait for it to pass. So I making a more conscience effort to only read books I know are definitely my type. My highlights from September were From Here to Maternity (Sinead Moriarty) and FireFly Lane (Kristin Hannah).

    1. I love that you have acceptance but I know you can read more if you want to.... if you join the library and download overdrive audio books (or spend on audible :)) All that cooking, cleaning and organising and driving, and you will easily get through an extra 1 - 2 books a month.


    2. I did think of that, but I also enjoy listening to podcasts and music a lot. I usually have music (old school music) blasting while cleaning the house and driving and mostly listen to podcasts while cooking, getting dressed, doing dishes etc. But I may just try another audible sometime soon.

    3. I get it. I do that too. It really doesn't have to be all or nothing :)


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