Sunday, June 14, 2009


So, the names thing.

People have been asking if we've decided on names and the truth is we are 95% there but we've decided to keep them a secret because most people do this...

  • I knew a boy called __________ and he was a horrible child, or
  • I went to school with a girl called _________ and she was so stuck-up/ mean/ any negative emotion

Now you know I'm straightforward and I'd just say, "Tough. We like the name and it's our child" but my husband is a lot nicer and will actually internalise all that stuff and it may sway him away from the names.

So no!

We are not telling anyone! Not even the parents.

The 95% thing is because the boy still needs a second name. Originally I'd said (well this was years ago before we knew about all the problems we'd have just getting to pregnant) I don't want second names for our children because nobody even uses theirs.

Then we decided on the girl's name and there is a second name that just goes beautifully with it, so she has two.

My husband wants to be fair (he's already a good daddy) so he said, if the one child has two names, the other one needs two too. Dear Lord.

So that's how we're 95% there - because we can't think of any suitable names.

Maybe you guys can help?

Please leave one-syllable boys' names in the comments and maybe we'll pick one of those :)


  1. Hey thanks for the comment! Looks like you are doing pretty well and a little bit ahead of me! Congrats!

    We have not told our parents yet the names, but I think we might sooner than later. We have told a bunch of our friends and am afraid they will find out, so I'd like to be the ones to tell them!

    One syllable names that we like for boys are James and Zane.

    I think we will go with "Finley Grace" and "Zane Elliott". It was quite a feat to agree on 2 names! We both had different ideas! Good luck!

  2. I think that's a problem with being a teacher too, is that you tend to associate names with kids, and one notsogreat kid can ruin it for ya!

    We've had names picked out (sortof) even before we were married. (and obviously oblivious to the road that was before us!). Our middle names are family names. Like my grandmother's first name is the girl's middle, and the boy's middle is just a family name of my husband's. His geneology was/is a fantastic source for that.

    So my suggestion is to maybe go with a family name that you like.

  3. Lynnette6:58 pm

    Umm.. how about Lee? Would you be okay with him having been named (somewhat) after you?

  4. Lynnette, no, i don't think Lee - don't really like the idea of naming after people. I'm weird like that!

    PJ, that's hilarious - I'd never thought about it but you're right - you must encounter a lot more names that are now not an option!

    Suzanne, lovely names!

  5. Anonymous2:10 am


    Because you had your prayers and your wishes granted!

    I heard someone name their boy "Leif", but they pronounced it "Life". Kind of hippie, but had a nice ring to it.

    How fun for you both!!!

  6. I'm partial to Joel.

    But I really like the Grant suggestion.

    Other ones I like

    Shawn or Sean

    Actually, I have found middle names to be usable - there are dozens of people who have my first and last name combination (even though I married into the name) but there are only 2 I've found with a middle initial of A.


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