Friday, September 04, 2009

Old bones & a jiggly belly

I belong to a gym where you have to go 24 times every year to keep your membership active. Well, you can go less but then you have to pay the normal gym fees and I'm on a special. I paid a once-off fee about 6 years ago and nothing ever since.

When I fell pregnant, the clinic advised no gym and then even the normal obgyn said no since twins are a high-risk pregnancy.

So I went to classes at Preggi Bellies (do NOT sign up for them unless you know beyond a shadow of doubt you'll be able to complete all the classes - no refunds, etc. long story - email me if you want more info) until the second bleed.

Now that the babies are born, my gym gives you 6 weeks after a Caesar and 4 weeks after a normal birth before you have to go back. Or they switch you to a normal membership again. I am cheap so that won't work for me.

So I'm back. Kind of.

I went on Wed and Thurs last week, and then on Wed this week. I have to do a schedule so that it becomes a non-negotiable in my day again like it used to be pre-pregnancy.

But I feel like an old woman. I'm 35 so I'm not a spring chicken but still. I think the pregnancy's messed up my knees and joints and it's so difficult to exercise.

You know how overweight people complain about their joints? I think that's me. The Bump must have put a lot of pressure on my knees. It is sore to get up from a chair, sore when I start walking, sore when going up and down stairs, etc.

I thought it would all go after I recovered from the op but no...

But I will persist.

The jiggly belly, although small, is not pleasant. Wednesday's class was a dance class - the cardio was great but my boobs (forgot to put on a sports bra) and belly were jiggly! I'm also doing knee stretches whenever I remember, which is about once or twice a day, just to strengthen the muscles around the knee cap.

And of course, it will all help with these last 2kg of baby weight. When that's off, I want to lose another 2kg from the fertility medication.


  1. 2kg? You FOXY thing :) That's fabulous. What an awesome gym - that's the kind of offer I need to get my A into G to be there too. Hope all is wonderfully well in your household :)

  2. Saffy, I certainly don't feel very "foxy" :)

    I've done a schedule for next week - the goal is to go 3 times, most of them at 9am so let's see - I am NOT a morning person :)

  3. he he - jiggly jelly belly - I got the same problem! When yours goes away - I want to know the secret!

  4. Re - Preggi Bellies complaint! I had a similar experience just recently (2012). Yes their classes/instructors are fantastic, no one would dispute that. The problem is with their administration policies which take complete advantage of women who are pregnant and who fall into the 'unwell' category and can't continue with classes. They TRAP women into buying BULK classes for their own benefit and in doing so they become an organisation that CHEAT their customers at a vulnerable time when their circumstances change. I have exercised my entire life and thought this would be a wonderful way to keep fit throughout my first pregnancy. I am a State Basketballer (hardly lazy), and unfortunately a medical condition now prevents me from attending any more classes. I provided a medical certificate from my Obs stating this and was told I was lucky I be receiving a refund (usually only given to those who miscarry). A disgraceful reference to make. They charged me a $90 admin fee - I attended 5 classes. Ummm RIP OFF!

    Too bad for an organisation that provides classes tailored for pregnant woman, your philosophy toward customer care is discusting. About time you considered re-writing that fine print before it becomes too late.

    Glad things worked out with your babies who would now be 3!

    Melbourne, Australia.


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